Daddy’s Dungeon

BDSM Family Incest Taboo Rape Erotica

by Ami White

I thought I’d received the best birthday gift of all time when my wife funded the construction of a personal BDSM dungeon in the basement of our house.

With only a month left before our 18-year-old daughter left for college, we decided to wait for her departure to break-in the dungeon. At least, that was the plan until I came home and my wife informed me that our virgin little princess and her boyfriend had been selling pictures of her body on the internet.

My wife had a plan to punish them both and celebrate my birthday at the same time.

This short story (3,500 + words) contains violent, forced BDSM, oral, anal, and vaginal sex between biological relatives and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.



“We’re going to teach them a lesson about playing around with sex,” my wife said, the dangerous anger showing plainly in her tone.

“We’re going to what?” I was still a little lost. We’d never done anything like this before, and although my wife’d had hours to wrap her head around the situation, I had not.

“We are going to show these two what it really means to play around with sex, and why selling themselves on the internet may piss some people off,” my wife repeated as she grabbed a 20-tailed flogger off the rack.

I watched in amazement as she walked over to the dangling Eddy and whipped the leather flogger over him. She was obviously mad because she didn’t whip him across the ass. She unleashed the flogger over the front of him, tails snapping against the flesh of his cock and balls.

He tried to scream, but the gag held firm.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Ami White and I write naughty, sexy stories for Snowflake Press. I hope you enjoy my taboo stories.

See you between the sheets…

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