Daddy’s Dick Under My Mini-Skirt : Fertile Daughters 10

Breeding Incest Taboo Erotica

by Tori Westwood

It was real hot that day and the only way of staying cool was wearing as little as possible.  I'd opted for a mini-skirt and no panties, because I'm a naughty, naughty woman.  Daddy's shirtless and the air-con’s broken, but when I lean in to the refrigerator to get him a cold beer I give him more than he bargained for.

Soon Daddy's dick's creeping under my mini-skirt and I can't wait to feel it inside my.  I want his seed to burst up me, and I don't care who knows it!


“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, wanting to hear him say it.

“Exactly what you’ve been daring me to,” he said behind me, moving the hair from my face and kissing me.

“Are—are you going to come inside me?” I asked, pretending to be worried.

“I’m going to come wherever I want,” he snarled.

I was breathing heavy now, excited and a little scared by his sudden authority over me.

He pulled at the tassels of my bikini top and let it drop to the floor, claiming my tits before gravity had chance and pushing them up my chest as he slid his cock along the groove of my ass.

His hands squeezed and kneaded them and I let out a helpless yelp, trying to play the role of damsel in distress, despite my enormous yearning for his cock.

My nipples stiffened in his midst and my body trembled each time that fat cock of his slid between my ass.


I tightened up even more so when he slid it between my legs, rubbing it over the loose flesh of my cunt and coming oh-so-close to shattering the biggest taboo of all.

“Think you can fit Daddy’s big cock in your mouth?” he said against me, breathing hot against my ear.

“I’d love to try,” I gasped, consumed with a kind of erotic fear.

Daddy spun me quickly and pushed me down on to my knees and it was then that I saw his forbidden cock for the first time.

It was big, in an almost menacing way.  The thing looked downright dangerous, all veined and thick, twitching with each beat of blood that pulsed through it.

I looked up at him with my mouth open in quiet shock and admiration.

“Swallow it,” Daddy said, holding it in a firm fist and directing it towards my mouth that seemed tiny in comparison.

I stretched my lips over it and Daddy let out a manly groan, pushing as much of it as he could inside my mouth.

I strained to keep my mouth open but Daddy pressed on ceaselessly, pushing himself to the back of my throat until I began to gag.

He kept me there, refusing to let me pull off him as I choked on that fat cock of his.  My eyes started to water and I began to cough, spluttering against his taboo flesh.

Daddy pulled out of me and I gasped, staring forward with wide-open eyes and looking at my thick spit stringing from his cock.

“Good girl,” he said, smoothing the hair from my face and lifting my chin.  “Daddy’s little fuck-slut.”

It couldn’t believe Daddy’s affront, but I have to admit I was turned on.  Something about it really got my juices flowing and I felt as though Daddy could use me for whatever he wanted.  If he wanted me to be his little cum-dumpster then that was fine by me—just so long as I got that cock.


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