Daddy’s Demon Seed

Halloween Hypnosis 2

by Krissy Cox

Book Cover: Daddy's Demon Seed
Part of the Halloween Hypnosis series:
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My daughter Zoe was born to fuck, and that’s exactly what I plan to do to her — with the help of a ouija board and hypnosis. But before I'm able to put my plan into action my bitch wife comes home unexpectedly and threatens to throw a wrench in the night's festivities. Thankfully, the spirit I accidentally summoned forces her to watch instead.

About the Author

Krissy Cox began writing erotica for her own personal enjoyment. She started her career as an author when her brother dared her to publish her naughty stories online. When Krissy isn't writing edgy fantasies for her readers, you can find her jogging on a trail, getting lost in the stacks of her local library or spending time with her daddy.

Krissy also writes under Kinsey Fox on retailers with stricter adult filters.


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