Daddy’s Cream – Lactation Bundle – Books 13 – 24

by Millie King

Book Cover: Daddy's Cream - Lactation Bundle - Books 13 - 24
Part of the Daddy's Cream series:

The 'Daddy's Cream Lactation Bundle' features books 13 to 24 of the series, where teen brats are ferociously milked by their thirsty alpha Daddies in breast-feeding sessions that'll leave you dripping - just like the udders of the beauties in this bundle!

Featuring : 'Tied Up And Squirting Milk,' 'My Leaking Big Tits,' 'My Magical Milky Tits,' 'My BDSM Milking,' 'Milked By Two Men,' 'A Squirt of Tit Milk in Daddy's Mouth,' 'Daddy's Milking Subject,' 'Mommy Catches Daddy Milking Me,' 'Udder Swap Milking,' 'The Rough Lactation,' 'Milk My Big Tits, Daddy' & 'Milked by My British Daddy.'


He started to caress around my tits and I looked down to watch him, noticing that the veins of my breasts were now much more pronounced than before.

Daddy kissed the soft skin delicately as the taboo encounter unraveled before us.  Gently he took the cup and slid it downwards, popping it off my tits and causing some of the milk to slosh out of the receptacle and splash on the floor.

He put his lips to the rim and poured some of the nectar into his mouth.  I watched on in mesmerized shock, not quite believing what I was seeing.  He gulped it down with a satisfied smack of his lips, then smiled towards me.

“Like to taste?” he said, offering the cup.  “You taste good.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said simply, and he raised it to my lips.  I took a sip of my own nectar and noted the velvety sweetness that adorned my tongue.

“Good, huh?” he asked, then he took another sip and held it in his mouth.


He brought his face to mine and I arched downwards, meeting his closed lips with my own.  I started to kiss him and then he parted his lips, letting the warm milk flow between our embrace.  I sloshed the liquid with my tongue and met his and soon we were in the midst of milky, creamy kiss the likes of which I never thought I’d experience.

As we kissed he started to squeeze my exposed breast and I felt my pussy tremble with excitement.  I was at Daddy’s mercy with only my yoga pants to hide my remaining modesty.  I was sure he had plans for those soon enough.

Daddy left me with the milk and I swallowed it down greedily before turning my attention back to him.  I watched as he kissed his way down my neck and then found my big, swollen breast.

He raced his tongue around the nipple and I shuddered and moaned in response, closing my eyes just as he clamped his lips over the sensitive node.

He sucked the nipple into his mouth and massaged my breast, relinquishing it of the milk that started to flow into him.

He gulped down each mouthful heartily, showing no sign yet of having his fill.  The more and more he sucked the greater the feeling of arousal that built inside me.  My legs started to wriggle and I brought one up around him, stroking it down his back and over his ass.

He pulled off my nipple and moved back to my face, gripping my neck firmly enough to make me feel a pang of danger.

“I’m going to take your pants off now,” he said, giving my neck a squeeze before moving away from the rack.

I stood bound on the pallet and watched as Daddy loosened his tie and removed his jacket.  He placed them both carefully on a peg and then turned back to me.

I looked down his sturdy frame, running my eyes over his broad shoulders and his tight shirt that pulled over his heavy pecs.

Below his waist I noticed the bulge of his cock, pressing against his pants in its bid for freedom.  I started to imagine what it might be like, closing my eyes and drawing a breath that made my tits rise on my chest.


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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