Daddy’s Big, Hard Tool! : Daddy’s First Timers 4

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Daddy's Big, Hard Tool! : Daddy’s First Timers 4
Part of the Daddy's First Timers series:

My sexual awakening didn’t happen until I was nineteen, and it was to an image I never thought would prompt it.  Something about Daddy’s bare-chest as he worked the jackhammer in the hot sun really did something to me.  I find my lust bubbling over and I’m desperate suddenly to know what it feels like to have a hard cock inside me.  Come and get me, Daddy – I want it bad!


Daddy took a fistful of my ass and squeezed it hard, pulling me closer to him.  His hand thrust down the back of my bikini bottoms until he had a good handful of my flesh.  He gave it a squeeze and then started to push it down.

I moved away from him and sent my panties down further, coyly showing the tuft of fur that sat atop my naughty snatch.

“That’s my girl,” he said, leaning back to get a better view.

I moved back to him quickly and he gripped my ass again, pulling it wide enough to open the ring of my asshole.

His hand reached behind me and soon I felt his finger tickling at the wet O of my pussy.  I moaned and Daddy sucked the breath from me with his mouth, wrapping his tongue over mine and relishing the gasp that escaped me when his finger broke through my virginal sex.


I tried to jerk him like I’d been doing but my concentration was elsewhere.  I’d never had anything in my pussy before and Daddy had started to wiggle his fat digit so that I could focus on nothing else.

“Here,” Daddy said, and he took himself out of me and grabbed my hand.

He led me to the lounger, keen to keep the energy that had got us this far.  If we stopped for a moment the guilt of it all might come rushing back and stop us in our tracks, and I don’t think either of us wanted that.

Daddy spun me and lay me back on the sun-lounger, blocking the light with his huge frame.  I looked up at him looming over me.

“You’ve sure grown,” he said, looking at my big tits and wandering his eyes down to my sinful slit.

I opened my legs when his gaze arrived there, teasing my finger slowly up and down the hot, red crease.

Daddy jerked himself as he watched me and there was something hot about us both masturbating together like that.  We were each the focus of the other’s lust, but Daddy was soon about to take my pleasure to another level.

I closed my eyes to play for him, but suddenly the sun came flooding back and I reopened them to see his body gone.

Soon after I felt his hand on my leg and looked down to see him prowl up the lounger, putting his face right between my legs.

He looked up over my naughty mound and I tensed up as he got closer and closer to my pussy.   He stared straight into it and I watched his pupils grow fatter as he eyed me up.

“Like what you see?” I asked, biting my finger.

“I do,” he said, and in no time at all he’d wrapped his mouth over my flesh and started to suck.


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