Daddy’s Bestiality Girl 10-Pack: Tales of Fathers Giving Their Daughters to Dogs, Horses, Goats, & More…

by Deborah Cockram

Ten pretty young things, pure as the driven snow – all about to have their innocence ruthlessly ripped away by their big, strong, loving Daddies. No, not just their Daddies – they will be viciously taken by animals. Yes – dogs, horses, goats, ponies, and more. That's right, ten precious, pure young ladies, pounded hard by both their Daddies and the beasts of the field. Pounded, ganged, even bred...all for your reading pleasure.

The five tales in this collection are:

Father Made Me The Family Canine's Cum Dump

Gangbanged By Hunting Hounds, Ass Fucked By Daddy

Savagely Gangbanged By The Big Black Horse & My Daddy!

Fucked, Humiliated & Knocked Up By The Beach Horses While My Daddy Videos!

Daddy Let The Dog Steal My Virginity Then Daddy Fucked Me, Too

Forced to Let the Dog Pack Fuck Me & Knock Me Up

Forced To Breed With The Stallion

Barnyard Goats Gangbanged Me & Knocked Me Up

Pounded By The Pony, Fucked By My Father

Gangfucked By the Pack – Becoming The Sled Dog Team Slut

About the Author

I'm Deborah Cockram, and I write all sorts of deep, dark and dirty erotica. Sometimes it's incest, sometimes bestially, occasionally with somewhat "dubious" consent, and other times it's just plain old hard and rough one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-on-one) sex.

Whatever form the sex takes, my stories almost always involve a wicked dose of bondage, sensual pain, and of course, the most depraved, carnal pleasure, all rolled up a single tale.

You know, the kind that all good girls (and bad boys) enjoy…

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