Daddy Undressed Me : Fertile Daughters 8

Daddy Daughter Breeding Incest

by Tori Westwood

Daddy wasn’t happy with the tiny black dress I was about to leave the house in so he makes me change.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Daddy's watching as I rifle through my wardrobe and when I angrily take my panties off in frustration he becomes VERY attentive.  It isn’t long before he’s getting excited and with him watching me I start to feel horny too.  Soon he’s putting himself in places he shouldn’t and I’m yearning for his length.  I never thought he’d do it inside me though!


“Oh you want me in this, do you?” I asked, and whipped my panties off before he could answer.

Daddy stayed watching in the doorway as I kicked them off over my high heels and they fell at his feet.

“Is that what you want?” I asked again, wanting a genuine answer.

Daddy gave one without saying anything as he calmly knelt to the floor and picked up my panties, bringing them to his face and sniffing them deeply.

My mouth fell open as I watched him smell my pussy, shocked by his actions—but then I guess I was hardly being normal in this situation either, stood there commando beneath my short skirt.

“What?” Daddy asked innocently, letting the panties drop and staring at me.

“You can’t do that.”

“I can do whatever I want,” he said, in a calm way that sent chills down my spine and juices to my pussy.

I took a step nearer to him and he responded in kind, moving in to my bedroom.


“You think you can just come in here and watch your daughter get dressed?” I said, hands on hips and injecting a little sass.

“You’re damn right,” Daddy said and took another step towards me.

My face was right in front of his now, only inches away as I challenged him.

“You’re an animal,” I scowled, tossing my hair and sensing the mounting sexual tension in the room.

“We both are,” he said and thrust his hand straight up my skirt, curling his fingers inside me like I was some kind of bowling ball.

I tensed up and stood on my tip-toes, staring in to his eyes in shock.

He began to slide them back and forth through the wet lips of my pussy and I couldn’t help but bite my lip at the sensation.  It felt so good to have him inside me like that but so wrong.

“See?” he said, as if his point were made.  “You’re wet already.  It’s instinctive.”

As though we were playing some kind of dangerous game of dare I moved my hand quickly to his cock and gripped it tight enough to make him jump in response.

“I guess you are right,” I said as I felt his rock-hard cock beneath his jeans.

He moved his lips to mine quickly and we shared a passionate kiss, his other hand coming to my hair as he walked forward, pushing me back on the bed.

His fingers slipped from my cunt as I fell on the mattress, kicking my legs up in the air and landing with my skirt way up around my waist, baring my shaved, wet pussy to him and staring into his eyes through my open knees.

“Yum,” Daddy said simply, staring down at my glistening, exposed slit.

“Oh, you like that, Daddy?” I said, moving a hand to my pussy.  “Think you can handle it?”

My fingers parted the flesh and I teased my middle fingers along the groove, tickling at my clit as he watched.

Daddy’s hand slowly started to rub at the barrel of his cock that stretched across his waist, looking big and ominous.


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