Daddy Took Down My Jeans : Ass Fucked Daughters 10

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Daddy Took Down My Jeans : Ass Fucked Daughters 10
Part of the Ass-Fucked Daughters series:

Shopping with Daddy was always good, especially on my birthday.  He’d treat me to some designer items, but when I ask him if my jeans fit okay he ends up treating me to something else entirely.

Read how he takes me in the private confines of the mirrored fitting-room, giving me the gift of anal sex for a birthday I’ll never forget.


“You think it’d fit?” I continued.

“Oh, yes, most definitely.  With a little work.”

I didn’t know if we were on the same wave-length.  I needed to check.

“You want to stand up and stuff that big thing in my ass?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Daddy got to his feet and walked towards me, putting his arms around me and pulling me back against his body.  It felt so surreal to be in his embrace like that, but the second he started to touch me I started to lose myself.

“This is so naughty,” I hushed.

“And we haven’t even started.”

He kissed at my neck and then my shoulder, peeling the strap of my bra off and leaving sensual little pecks on me.  For the moment he left my jeans ruffled down over my butt.


All I could think about was whether I was ready for him.  I’d never done anal before in my life, and the idea that something of any size would fit up there seemed preposterous.  But I wanted to try.

By now Daddy had unfastened my bra and his hands were searching up over my flat stomach.  He pushed them under the cups of each one and I sucked a breath as I felt his hands slide over my nipples.

Instantly they awoke, stiffening beneath him as the lust-filled blood rushed around my body.  As my nipples tightened I felt my pussy swell too, not knowing that it would be missing out.

I turned to the mirror to watch as Daddy kissed my shoulders and neck, grinding himself against me slowly.  I could feel the thick protrusion pressing against my ass as he did so, but I couldn’t gauge its size.  I knew only that Daddy was as turned on as I was.

“Have you ever fucked a girl’s ass before?”

“Never my daughters,” he said.

He turned me around and looked down at my chest.  I stared with him, moving my arms aside and surrendering my body to him.

I fingered at one of the buttons of his shirt and then Daddy started to open them, popping each one in turn until his big chest peered out from beneath, smattered in hair.  He looked good enough to eat.

I ran my hand up his chest and took a nervous breath, battling my sensibilities as the two of us spiraled out of control.

“He doesn’t know I’m your father,” Daddy said.  “If we get caught, I mean.”

“I don’t plan on getting caught.”

“You think you can do it all without making a noise?”

“That sounds like a challenge,” I smirked.

Daddy’s hand came to the waist of my jeans and he teased his fingers down inside, pulling me towards him and then planting his lips on my mouth.

It felt so strange to be kissing him like that.  I’d never kissed a guy as mature as him and there was a definite difference.  I hoped there’d be a difference when he came to fuck me too.

“Take it out,” Daddy said, and he moved his hands aside now.

“Your cock?”

He nodded.  “Get on your knees and take it out.  Let’s make use of this mirror.”


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