Daddy Takes Me at The Park

by Angela Cream

Book Cover: Daddy Takes Me at The Park

It was a boring summer day when my stepdad insisted that I get off the computer and come take a walk in the park with him. The house was hot and boring, and we always had fun making up games to play while strolling through the park, so I agreed to come along. This time, stepdaddy added a naughty little rule to our game, and I quickly realized that we weren't just playing around anymore.

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I threw on a loose pink sundress that was breezy and short enough that it wouldn't stick to my skin. The thin fabric hung off my body in a billowy way, and the slightest breeze may have blown the dress up over my ass, but I didn't care. I was going for comfort today. I slipped on some sandals and then found daddy on the front porch, waiting for me. The park was only just down the street, so we decided to walk there.

     "Why don't we pretend like we are going to explore some faraway forest?" I suggested. Daddy and I always got along just fine when we hung out. It was always fun when we played make believe, even though I was too old to be playing such games with my Daddy. I was already eighteen and should probably be acting more like an adult, but nobody was around. Daddy and I were still allowed to have fun, no matter how old I got.


     "Ok," Daddy said with a laugh. "And in this forest, there are special rules." Daddy was getting in to the game.

     "Like what?" I asked.

     Daddy thought for a minute as we walked.

     "How about this? In these special woods, people that enter are required to share a kiss once inside, for good luck. Otherwise, they won't be protected and the forest nymphs will be very vengeful."

     I laughed. "That's a silly rule, but ok."

     We entered the park and started down the nature trail that leads into the woods. There weren't many people in the park at all, and I didn't even see any recent footsteps on the trail. It was so warm that most people were probably waiting until later in the day to come out. The park was often quiet on summer afternoons like these.

     As we started down the trail, Daddy took my hand in his. It was how we always used to walk together, and I knew we wouldn't get many more times like these after I left for college at the end of the summer. I smiled up at him. Once we couldn't see the opening of the forest anymore, Daddy stopped walking and pulled my body close to his.

     "Remember the rule," he whispered. I looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss me.

     I expected a kiss on the cheek, but his lips landed right on mine and he held my small frame firmly against his body. His kiss was lingering, as if he were tasting my mouth and savoring every drop. The way Daddy kissed me made it impossible to not kiss back. His strong hands were held tightly against my back, and one slid down to cup my ass as he kissed me.

    My heart rate sped up. What Daddy and I were doing out here on the deserted forest trail seemed a bit naughty. What if somebody saw us kissing like this? I should only be kissing boys my own age like this, not the man who had raised me.

     I couldn't stop it, though. The longer we kissed each other like that, the more the thought of somebody seeing us made me excited in a way that I had never been before. The stubble on his beard rubbed against my chin as I opened my mouth for him and sucked on his tongue.

    Daddy let out a low growl, and I felt his cock start to buck and twitch inside his pants again. Daddy really was turned on by me! He made that stupid rule about kissing in the woods so that he could kiss me! I couldn't believe it.

     And I was kissing him back, and liking it.

     Daddy's hand found its way under my flimsy dress and he was rubbing my ass, squeezing my cheeks, and growling into my mouth as he consumed me. I was getting a wet feeling between my legs, and his fingers were dangerously close to where the wetness was coming from. If he just touched me there, I would be so happy. "Please, Daddy…" I silently prayed.


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Hey, I'm Angela, and I am here to give you all the forbidden stories that you hope you never get caught'll be our secret! <3

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