Daddy-Sitting : Daddy’s First Timers 2

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Daddy-Sitting : Daddy’s First Timers 2
Part of the Daddy's First Timers series:

Mom had always insisted I looked after Daddy when she was out of town, I just never realized the lengths I’d have to go to.  I thought she meant cooking for him and ironing his shirts, but I soon discover she also wants me to satisfy his sexual needs.  It’s my first time though … I hope he’s gentle with me!  Read how I take his erupting cock inside me.


When he was done he pushed my legs open and stared into my pussy like he was looking at a long-hidden artifact.

“Beautiful,” was all he could say, pulling his t-shirt off and moving his face right in between my legs.

“Daddy,” I said softly, but I had no idea what it was I wanted from him.  If there was a moment to stop him, it was now.

Instead I did nothing, lying there and listening to my thudding heart as his face came closer and closer to my forbidden, virginal pussy.

He was beating his own cock as he approached, keeping himself stiff while he set about satisfying me.  He didn’t have to try hard to do that, let me tell you.

When his lips finally struck my loose flesh I let out a moan that could have brought the house down.  It was as though years of pleasure had been kept back just for this moment and they were released in an instant.


He mouthed right over me, tasting my wetness and enveloping my pussy in a warm embrace.  His tongue quickly started to slide down the groove of my sex, teasing into my tight core and making me shudder with excitement.

I stared down over my naked body and held his head in place, not wanting him to ever move again.  His tongue curled and flayed all over me and I very quickly became a mess of coiled ecstasy.

I was a trembling bundle of energy that spasmed violently every time Daddy flashed his tongue over my stiffening, swollen clit.  He ate from me masterfully and I closed my eyes to dine out on it.  As I did so the sensations seemed to magnify and each small nudge of my pearly stud felt huge.

“That feels so good,” I whimpered, gasping to the heavens and wondering what I’d done to deserve this.

Daddy pulled his face off me and wiped at his chin, standing up straight and squaring his cock up to my pussy.  He drove closer and my legs closed instinctively in protest.

“What is it?” he asked, rolling a fist over his dick slowly.

“It’s just—I—I’ve never done it before,” I said timidly.

Daddy smiled.  “Don’t worry,” he said.  “I’ll take care of you.”

Gradually I relaxed as he pushed my legs open again, staring down into my wet, sticky snatch with fresh relish now that he knew he’d be my first.

He pointed the head of his cock forward and pressed it against my flesh.  At first it refused to relent but as he kept up the pressure I felt myself begin to stretch over him.


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