Daddy Popped My Anal Cherry : Anal Incest 4

by Kimmy Welsh

Daddy and I sold ice-cream out of a van, traveling around the local hot-spots and following the crowds.  One summer’s day Daddy picks the wrong place to park up.  I tease him a bunch by toying with the glazed cherries that we have while its quiet, but soon things turn sinful and I start to think things about him that a daughter shouldn’t.  Read as Daddy pops my anal cherry and lets me know what it’s like to have a stiff rod going up there!


“But they’re inexperienced.”

“Then you could show them a thing or two.”

“You like that in an older guy?”

I shrugged and ran my finger along the counter.  “Don’t know.  Never been with one.”


“What would you show me?” I asked, blinking slowly.

“I don’t know what you have and haven’t done.”

“Nothing crazy.  I certainly haven’t put those cherries anywhere other than my mouth.”

Daddy laughed.  “Maybe we’d do that.  Maybe more.”


He sighed and seemed to reminisce.  “Sometimes the adventurous women I had in here would be very adventurous.”

“How do you mean?”

“Do I have to spell it out?”

I stared blankly.

“Anal,” Daddy whispered.

“No way!”

“Way,” he laughed.  “Some women are just into it.”

“I’m not,” I lied.

“So, you’ve tried it?”


I realized suddenly what I was talking about and who with.  Fuck, it was weird.  “I’ve never done it, no.”

“Then how do you know you don’t like it?”  He grabbed a cherry and put it in his mouth, chewing with satisfaction as though he’d got me against the ropes.

“There’s a whole bunch of things out there that I don’t have to try to know that I don’t like.”

“And anal is one of them?”

The pause before my answer gave the game away.

“See,” he said.  “You don’t know.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It can,” he said.  “That’s sometimes the part that women love.”

“What part did you like?”

“How tight it was,” he said, reminiscing.  It was hot to watch him recall it.  “How naughty it was.  You’d see these women and they’d come to the serving hatch as innocent as an angel, and in twenty minutes time I’d have my cock buried in their ass.  It was crazy.”

He let out a soft chuckle and then saw that my eyes were wide open in shock.

“Sorry,” he said.  “I shouldn’t be saying this stuff.”

“Don’t apologize.  I asked.  I want to hear it.  Anything else crazy?”

“Not that I can think of right now.”

I turned away playfully and pushed my ass out.  “Think I could take it?”

“No,” Daddy said quickly.  “You’re far too innocent.”

“I am not!   Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“You’re just so … angelic.”

“Just like the women who used to come to your window,” I hinted.  “They weren’t so angelic with your cock in their ass.”

It felt liberating to be able to talk to him like that.  It was as though our relationship had broken down another barrier.  I was happy to open up to him like that, I just had no idea that I’d be opening up in a whole different way soon enough.

“You sound like a woman possessed.”

“I get a little crazy when I’m horny.”

Daddy looked out at the sparse beach.  “You’re horny now?”

“All this talk of anal …”

“It’s getting me going too, I must admit.”

“You gonna jerk off in the driver’s seat or right here?” I smirked.

“You can have this spot; I’ll go up front.”

I couldn’t tell if he was being serious.

“How about we both go here?” I said.

“You first.”

Shit, now my resolve was truly being tested.  How much did I want this?  How naughty was I willing to go?  Could Daddy be naughty with me?

“You just want me to start masturbating?”

“Would it help you if I went first?” Daddy said.

I swallowed hard.  “Go on then.”

I didn’t know if he was going to do it or not, but fuck I wanted him to.


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