Daddy, Please Breed Me

Daddy-Daughter Virgin Breeding Incest Erotica

by Taboo Pleasure

Mom was finally out of the house - this was my big chance to finally lose my virginity. I was going to have sex with my father. After prancing around the house half naked, my daddy did notice me, but he still seemed reluctant to make me a woman. Thank God my tight body is so convincing…

This daddy-daughter seduction story includes a horny, virgin daughter who wants nothing more than to have her daddy knock her up.


“Sweetheart, do you have a minute? There’s something that we have to discuss,” my daddy said.

Finally! After weeks of prancing about the house in my ultra-skimpy panties, short skirts, and push-up lace bras (thanks Victoria’s Secret!), he finally noticed. Hopefully he won’t be such a prude when I tell him what I really want for my birthday.

I smiled at him and slowly turned around, and then bent down to pick up some imaginary penny that fell on the rug. I deliberately took my time, exposing my tight 20-year-old butt. I was determined to lose my virginity that night.

About the Author

Hi! I write sexy incest and bestiality stories under the naughty name of Taboo Pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading about my taboo desires - check back often for new family fantasies.

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