Daddy Did It Inside Me : Fertile Daughters 3

Daddy Daughter Breeding Incest Taboo Pregnancy XXX Erotica

by Tori Westwood

Daddy and I are on our secluded beach vacation when I sprint playfully from the water to see if I can convince him to come in the sea.  As I straddle him I begin to feel his cock becoming stiff and I start to think things I really shouldn't.  Feeling it rub across my pussy is too much to bear and pretty soon I need it inside me.  What's more, I feel an incredible need to claim his cum in my fertile pussy.  Read how it feels when he empties inside me.


I began to grind my hips slowly along him, pushing my ass back before sliding my pussy forward along his length.

"Selena, we're both gonna get in serious trouble if you keep doing that."

"There's no one here, Daddy," I said, still grinding along him.

"Selena, that doesn't matter," he said, sitting up.

I didn't move and instead let his face come up towards my breasts that I flaunted in front of him.

"Of course it does," I said, desperate for his cock now.  "If no-one sees it, we're the only ones who'll know."

"Know what?" he asked, pausing a moment to get things clear.

I took a deep breath in.

"Know that I fucked my Daddy."


He stared in to my eyes as the taboo words exited my lips and I felt his cock jolt between my legs.  He said nothing for a moment as he sat in deep thought, trying to overcome the desire that his body clearly felt for me.  I was hoping he'd fail and I could bury him inside my wet puss and claim his seed.

"Is that what you want?" he asked eventually, his cock showing no sign of denying me it.

"Yes," I answered honestly, and my hand came to his face.

I stooped down and kissed Daddy who stayed silent, unmoving as my lips met his.

I looked back down in to his eyes and saw his pupil's dilate, then I approached his lips again for a second try at breaking down his hard outer shell.

This time Daddy kissed me back with passion, breathing a kiss in to me as our tongues began to wrestle with one another and a spark ignited in my core.

As the sea lapped gently against the sand I began to explore Daddy, moving my hands down from his face and over his arms, seeking out the thick cylinder that currently sat against the crotch of my wet bikini bottoms.

Daddy's hands came around my back and he unfastened my top, letting it fall from my shoulders to reveal my big tits that hung in front of his face and begged to be played with.

"Damn, sweetie," he said, running a tongue around his lips.

He kissed at them quickly, licking all over the nipple that stiffened in response and stood upright.  While I rubbed over the weighty cylinder beneath his shorts, Daddy was busy nibbling on my aroused tits, biting just enough to send a jolt of heady bliss surging through me.

I could feel my pussy begin to salivate as my hand wondered over his dick, sizing it up and imagining it breaking me open and creeping up inside my glossed tunnel.

I pressed my tits over his face now, squeezing his cheeks between them as I smothered him and felt the short stubble graze their soft skin.

I began to kiss Daddy again, breaking off his lips and moving down to his chin, leaving wet pecks along my route as I descended further and further with only one goal in mind.

I kissed along his pecs, licking at his nipples and moving down over his abs until I could see the top of his swimming shorts come in to view.

My lips continued over the fabric until I was kissing at his thick cock, biting around it through the thin material of his shorts and getting him used to the idea of his daughter between his legs.


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