Daddy In The Mirror : Anal Incest 5

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Daddy In The Mirror : Anal Incest 5
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Whilst decorating her new apartment Ashley visits a mysterious thrift store and picks up a mirror that the owner tells her will grant her deepest, darkest wishes.

Ashley places the large mirror in her bedroom and stares into it, seeing visions of an older man.  When the man turns out to be her Daddy Ashley is taken aback, but not as taken aback by actually feeling his touch on her.

Ashley’s got some very dark desires indeed and she’s about to fulfill one of them by getting stuffed deep and hard by her Daddy in her first time anal experience … that’s if it ever even happened at all?!


Now here I stood, embraced by nothing and everything all at once.  I held Daddy’s hand as his wrist gripped tight around my neck.  The lack of oxygen felt good and even in that surreal moment I felt safe.  Even though it couldn’t really be him I still felt connected.

Another deep, dark desire was one that Hannah and I this time shared.  During another late-night talk under the influence of a few margaritas she’d confessed to me how much the idea of anal sex intrigued her.  I’d agreed.

We’d each seen it online and the women that did it made it all look so easy.  They slipped a big fat cock in their ass and took it like it was nothing, and I desperately wanted to try and do the same.  It was just so naughty that I wanted it more than anything else.

It seemed the mirror somehow reflected that desire too, because soon I felt Daddy’s hand grabbing at my ass and not being coy about where his fingers fell.


As he squeezed at my throat, I felt the pressure against my asshole.  He pushed my little shorts against the muscle that lay beneath, and I let out a stifled whimper.

“That’s what I want, Daddy,” I cried.

The grip on my throat loosened and my eyes opened.  In the mirror behind me I saw Daddy remove his shirt and toss it aside.  It disappeared completely, of course, but the feeling of him behind me didn’t.

My eyes spread wide as I watched him crouch to the floor and put his hands over the waist of my shorts.

I looked down and watched them pull away from me and move down.  I could feel his nails sliding over my smooth legs.  I stood out of my panties and stared forwards at my reflection.  My kempt pussy-hair sat just below the bottom of my tank-top.

Daddy knelt behind me in the reflection with his face obscured by my body.  I watched his hand move up towards my pussy and then I felt him on me.

He rubbed over the skin and picked up my wetness, spreading it across me.  I felt so happy that I could have cried with joy.

I could feel the lust bubbling inside me.  It pooled at the O of my pussy and Daddy’s invisible fingers probed up at it.

“Yes!” I hushed.

“You’re so wet, Ashley,” Daddy said.

He rubbed at my puss and then opened my ass with his hand.  I closed my eyes to concentrate on his touch, but they weren’t closed for long.  Suddenly I felt a wet lick against my ass.  It woke me right up.

“Yes!” I burst.  I’d never had a guy do that, but instantly I knew I loved it.

“You like my tongue in your ass?” his cool voice asked.  Fuck, I had to be dreaming.

“I love it.  Please.  Don’t stop.”

“Oh, I’m not stopping.”

His hand came away from my pussy and I felt him push both my cheeks open.  He probed deep with his tongue—so deep that I could feel his teeth against me.


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