Daddy Impregnated Me 3-Pack Vol 1

by Daddy's Needs Fulfilled





There’s one thing these 18-year-olds have in common: They all get impregnated by their daddies. Three ultra-hot stories that feature slutty women getting the pounding they deserve by their daddies. Fertile, in heat and wet, these women take what their daddies give them. And beg for more!

Stories Included:

* Nailing My Daughter's Swollen Pussy
* Taking My Sleeping, Fertile Daughter
* Swollen With My Father's Baby


* Nailing My Daughter's Swollen Pussy

After an eventful day at work, I came home early and wanted nothing more than to relax to naughty thoughts of my daughter as I relieved myself.

However, my beautiful, voluptuous, 18-year-old daughter, Sylvia, had other plans. She hadn’t expected me home so early and was so busy touching herself that she didn’t notice me standing over her with a large lump in my pants.

Then she screamed my name.

* Taking My Sleeping, Fertile Daughter

Hot 18-year-old daughter; Sorority sleepover; daddy’s liquor. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Nope. Not this time. In my house, that’s a recipe for an unplanned pregnancy.

* Swollen With My Father's Baby

It was just a little drunken frat party. I really didn't see the big deal. But apparently, daddy did. I'll never forget how he barged in, grabbed me in front of all my friends, then took me back to a motel and knocked me up.

About the Author

Daddies have needs. Needs that need to be fulfilled. Some daddies never get those needs satisfied.

Not these daddies. These daddies take what they need without asking and without question.

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