Daddy Hypnotized Me!

by Sasha Cream

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I don't know how or when he learned his hypnotism tricks, but somehow daddy had 100% complete control over my entire body. He could tell me when to ovulate, when to pee, when to sleep. It was like I was his puppet. There was nothing I could do to resist his words.


I didn't realize it at the time, but when I was just 18, I was a naive, gullible young woman. Fresh-faced, large breasted and a bit of a dumb blonde, I fell for it. What exactly did I fall for?

That centuries-old "you can't hypnotize me" watch trick. You know the one, stare at the gently-swinging, shiny object (a watch in this case) and just relax. Yeah, I told my daddy over and over that he was just wasting his time and to put the watch away.

Which he did - to my great surprise.

But not after implanting a suggestion which he'd soon activate.

I don't know why I didn't realize it sooner as for the next couple of days I started having an inordinate amount of sexual thoughts about daddy. Not just the ordinary "he's so handsome" thoughts that a lot of women occasionally have. No, these were full-on hardcore like I was suddenly wondering how big daddy's cock was. Never mind that I had never seen a cock in real life before.


Throughout the day, I found myself getting wetter and wetter. I also felt the need to touch myself incessantly. Like, all the God-damn time. And the worst part? All this was happening right in front of daddy. I blushed when I realized he was watching me. But damn if the urge to masturbate wasn't so strong that I couldn't help it.

I think at one point I even laid down on the floor, hiked up my mini-skirt and gave daddy a full-on show. But I wasn't doing it for him, I just had this itch that I couldn't scratch. You know?

What really infuriated me was that daddy just smiled and watched as I tried to relieve my itch on the floor like some kind of animal.


About the Author

I absolutely LOVE to write dirty, naughty stories about daddies and their daughters. And now I can share them all with you!

I've been writing pretty much my entire life - ever since I can remember, anyway. These filthy stories have been kicking around my brain for ages. And now I can bring them to you (and corrupt your mind!) Ha, I keed.

I'll be adding to my hot collection often, so be sure to check back soon and don't forget to hit that subscribe button to be notified of my latest!

Anyway, I look forward to bringing you the hottest daddy/daughter stories I can.


- Sasha

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