Daddy Fucked Me Over The Pool Table : Fertile Daughters 9

Taboo Incest Breeding

by Tori Westwood

Daddy's bought a new pool table for the house, but I have no idea how to play!  We get very intimate when he shows me how to cue the ball, and with his body pressed against mine things start heating up.  Soon I can feel his stiff cock and I just have to have it.  What's more, I have a yearning desire to feel him explode inside me.  Daddy barely stood a chance.


"Why don't you pop the waist of those jeans and try cueing up again," he said.

I bit my lip and took a step back from him, doing as instructed and unfastening the button.  I lined up the shot again and bent over the table, waiting patiently for whatever was to happen next.

I stared forwards at the balls but my mind was far away from the table, concerned now only with the taboo that was inevitably about to occur.

Soon I felt Daddy's fingers curl over the waist of my jeans, and then a sharp tug jolted me on the table, causing my tits to sway a little beneath me, bound by just my t-shirt.

"Daddy!" I cried, with a tone filled with faux shock.

He continued to tug downwards until my tight jeans were over my ass, leaving only my laced panties to hide my modesty.


My pants were around my ankles now and my young, toned ass was pointed towards him.  Then I heard Daddy's jeans unfastening too as he clamored behind me, but I daren't turn around and ruin the surprise.

I heard the jeans land somewhere in the corner of the room and then I felt Daddy's boxer-briefs touch my leg, along with the flesh and hair of his thigh against my ass.

"Try again," he ordered simply, and he leant himself over me.

It was then I realized that he had also done away with his t-shirt, so that now he was draped over me with only his Calvins in between him and complete nudity.

I lined up the shot again, and again I wriggled my ass, only this time I could really drive that stiff cock of his in-between the cheeks of my butt and feel the curve and ridges of his swollen crown as I rocked back on him.

"That's right," Daddy soothed, moving my hair over my head and putting his face close to me.  "Take the shot."

I struck the ball and it went wayward, but by now neither of us cared.  Instead of saying anything Daddy simply kissed me on the cheek, grinding his cock against my ass as he did so.

My eyes closed as I moaned and I felt my pussy become charged in an instant, demanding attention and needing to be filled.  I was sure now that I would get my wish.

Daddy pulled his boxers down now and slid his cock between my open legs, standing on my jeans as I kicked my legs out of them and stood shoulder-width apart.

I could feel his big dick cruising along the crotch of my panties as he fucked between my legs and I closed my thighs to tighten around his length, trapping it inside me and enjoying the sensation of his cock rubbing at my clit.


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