Daddy Drinks My Milkshake : Daddy’s Milk 11

Taboo Incest Lactation Erotica

by Tori Westwood

I’m closing down the diner tonight and getting a lift off my Daddy, but I had no idea I’d wind up doing an over-time shift … on Daddy’s cock!  He asks for a milkshake but I’ve cleaned everything down.  Instead he decides to take the milk right from my tits and squirt them into his hungry mouth while I jerk him.  Read about our messy encounter inside!



“They look brimming with milk,” he said, licking his lips and targeting them.  I had no idea how literal Daddy was speaking and kind of dismissed his words.  It wasn’t until I felt the first sharp suck from his mouth over my nipple that I knew exactly what he meant.

It felt kind of surreal when his mouth first enveloped my teat and sucked on it.  The release and sensation it delivered was like nothing I’d ever experienced, but it wasn’t until I looked down that I realized the gravity of what was happening.

“Yum!” Daddy said simply, pulling off my tit and looking down at it.

I looked to his mouth to see the faintest of white on his lips that he flashed away quickly with his tongue.

“It tastes so sweet!” he said, still staring to my chest.

I was confused and looked down, recoiling when I saw a bead of pure white emanating from the node.

“What is it?” I gasped.


“It’s milk,” he said seeming confused.  “I told you, you're full of it.”

“I didn’t think you were serious!” I shrieked, lifting my breast to examine it.

“Honey,” Daddy said, putting a hand at my bare waist.  “It’s perfectly normal.  I have this … way with breasts.”

I looked to him and then back to my milky orbs.  “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means,” he began, “that I can coax milk from any breast I please.”

I was confused and it hit me how strange it was to be having this conversation with Daddy, topless in an empty diner.

“How?” I asked.

“Let’s just say I’m like a snake charmer of breasts.”

“Funny,” I said.  “Because I’m a snake charmer of cocks.”

Daddy laughed and kissed my nipple.  “I’d like to see that.”

I moved back on to one of the long red seats, sitting down on it as Daddy advanced on me, latched on to my teat like a newborn and sucking the life from me.

He guzzled down mouthfuls of my ambrosia, grinding his hard dick against my legs as he did so.  Before long his hand had found itself between my thighs and he was gently fingering at my hot puss beneath my panties.

As he squeezed and kneaded my breasts they responded ferociously, spewing out fountains of white liquid that tingled my tits as they spiraled outwards.

“This is incredible, Daddy!” I said, delirious with ecstasy as we shared each other.

It was as though he were dependent on me for his life-force and I was doling it out in dollops, straight from my breast.

The fluid coursed ceaselessly, escaping me in violent surges that shot high in to the air and fell down all around us whenever Daddy’s mouth wasn’t clasped tight over my bosom.

“So fucking hot,” he gasped, swallowing and standing back from me.

“What now, Daddy?” I said, beginning to sit up, but before I knew it he was reaching beneath my dress.

“Now, I eat your pussy,” he said simply, pulling my panties down my legs and throwing them across the diner.

I lay back and awaited him, feeling him kiss his way up my socks and parting my legs wider and wider as he approached his target.

I could feel his breath draping over the wetness of my pussy and I knew his arrival was imminent now.  I tensed up in anticipation and let out a soothing, long sigh when I felt his wet tongue cruise gently up my slit.


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