Daddy Daughter Incest 20 Pack Super Bundle Vol. #2

by Stacee Wylder

Book Cover: Daddy Daughter Incest 20 Pack Super Bundle Vol. #2

20 sexy daddy daughter stories drawn from across my entire catalog, regardless of series. For those that enjoy great value incest bundles but are only interested in daddy/daughter stories and don't wish to buy the larger variety bundles. PLEASE NOTE: these stories will overlap with other bundles, please see inside or more info to check the full list of stories contained inside.


-Hornification Pills 7: Breeding My Daughter At The Country Manor
-Mom & Dad Teach And Breed Virgin Daughter: Destination Incest 6
-Horny Pill For My Centerfold Daughter: Hornification Pills 8
-Punishing My Thief Daughter With A Horny Pill: Hornification Pills 9
-Hypnotizing My Daughter On A Hot Air Balloon
-Hornification Pills 10: Breeding My Daughter In Her Boyfriend's Bed
-Pounding My Virgin Daughter
-Seducing Daddy To Take My Virginity
-My Son Hacked My Daughter So I Used Her Too: Appy Families 5
-Punishing My Whore Of A Daughter
-Taking My Cuffed Daughter Over My Squad Car: Brat Breeders 1
-Getting Paid To Breed My Virgin Daughter: Hornification Pills 11
-My Wife Hypnotized Our Daughter For Me
-I Woke Up Pregnant And Milky For Daddy: Instapreg 8
-Breeding My Daughter's Fertile Ass: Backdoor Breeders 1
-Aphrodite's Blessing Made My Daughter Horny Fertile & Milky: Incest Is Blessed


-Daughter Caught Me Touching Her While She Slept
-Daughter Caught Me Cheating So I Cheated With Her
-Knocking Up My Lesbian Daughter And Her Wife: Hornification Pills 12
-Backdoor Breeders 2: Helping My Fertile Daughter


About the Author

Is there anything more exciting than the alluring taboo of incestuous fantasies about gorgeous family members? It feels so wrong, and you know you shouldn't want it, and yet...

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