Daddy Daughter 8: Fucked My Daughter At The Burger Shop

by Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old daughter, Cindy and I were absolutely insatiable.

I don't know what it was or why it happened, but when she turned 18, we just...clicked.

At first it was just innocent kissing behind her mother's back, but within a week we were fornicating all over the house.

I broke up with her mother a month later, realizing that all my time and sexual energy needed to go to Cindy.

Today, Cindy was working at the local Burger Joint and she'd been gone more than a couple hours. I couldn't stand being away from her. She was like my drug.

I found myself wandering in the door, looking for her, and not seeing her. I asked the manager, a young guy, 18-20, if Cindy was still around and he nodded, jerking his thumb toward the breakroom.

I immediately headed that way.

"Hey, sir! You can't go back --"

"I'm her father!" I growled. "It's an emergency."

He shut his trap real quick and I hurried back there.

Of course there was no emergency - except the one in my pants.

"Daddy!" Cindy squealed, her eyes brightening. She was a cute little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She'd gotten her hair done for a friend's wedding a few days earlier, and I was pleased to see she had it up in a tight ponytail, something she never did.

The moment I shut and locked the door behind me, Cindy was on me like butter on toast.

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