Daddy Daughter 5-Pack Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

When my daughter became an adult at 18, she turned wild. She changed her name - to Candy - swallowed a Bimbo pill and became a sexual maniac.

Fortunately - or unfortunately, however you look at it - I became the attention of her newfound sexual affections.

As her father, I was the one who was supposed to protect and nurture her. I did not want to be the object of her sexual urges.

Stories Included:

- Daddy Daughter 6: Walked In On My Daughter In The Shower
- Daddy Daughter 7: Fucking My Daughter Behind The Woodshed
- Daddy Daughter 8: Fucked My Daughter At The Burger Shop
- Daddy Daughter 9: Fucking My Bimbo Daughter Behind Her Mother's Back
- Daddy Daughter 10: Knocking A Baby Into My Sleeping Daughter's Belly

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