Daddy Daughter 5-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

It was supposed to be a medical prototype. A device that would allow a deep glimpse into the subject's inner mind.

It wasn't supposed to be used this way.

Not in the way I intended to use it on my daughter.

Amy was a precocious, nubile 18-year-old who was into the typical young adult things:

Guys, parties and - even though she had no idea I knew - drugs.

Stories Included:

- Daddy Daughter 1: Threesome With My Daughter & Her Best Friend!
- Daddy Daughter 2: Hacking Into My Daughter's Mind
- Daddy Daughter 3: Time Stop Pregnant Daughter Fucking
- Daddy Daughter 4: Slipping Away To Fuck My Daughter At Her Birthday Party
- Daddy Daughter 5: Fucking My Bimbo Daughter In The Backseat

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