Daddy Daughter 4: Slipping Away To Fuck My Daughter At Her Birthday Party

by Amber FoxxFire

Sweet 21! My little girl was now all grown up and everyone was at her party. But she was more interested in me than all her presents. Her daddy was all the gift she needed.

Samantha was a stunning blonde with big, blue eyes and a beautiful, innocent smile.

She had an angelic look, but behind that sweet face was a naughty, dirty slut just begging to be tamed.

I couldn't wait to show her how a real man pleased a woman.

The party was in full swing and people were having fun dancing, eating cake and drinking punch - spiked punch.

There was an open bar and a live band, and the atmosphere was festive and energetic.

Samantha's best friend was the DJ and was playing some of the latest hits. It was a big smash.

But after giving me "that look" all night long, finally Samantha decided it was time to unwrap her REAL birthday present: me!

I knew Samantha had the hots for me; she had made that perfectly plain and clear ever since she'd turned 18.

But I wanted to make it special. I wanted to make sure she really wanted me - that she wasn't going to fall in love with some dope and regret letting her daddy fuck the snot out of her.

Samantha caught my eye from across the room, then smiled and nodded, letting me know now was the time.

The time to steal my daughter's virginity and make her a woman.

She looked so gorgeous and innocent, wearing a tiny miniskirt and a low-cut top, her long blonde hair flowing down her back.

The perfect outfit for her daddy's dick.

I excused myself and told everyone I was tired and heading up to bed. I told them not to stay up too late.

Of course, the second I walked out, everyone cheered and kept on partying.

Samantha waited a few moments so that no one would notice her leaving, then followed me up to my room, her face flushed and her eyes shining with lust.

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