Daddy Daughter 2: Hacking Into My Daughter’s Mind

by Amber FoxxFire

It was supposed to be a medical prototype. A device that would allow a deep glimpse into the subject's inner mind.

It wasn't supposed to be used this way.

Not in the way I intended to use it on my daughter.

Amy was a precocious, nubile 18-year-old who was into the typical young adult things:

Guys, parties and - even though she had no idea I knew - drugs.

Yep, my "innocent" daughter had been going to raves behind our backs ever since turning 18.

It was at one of these raves that I'd enlisted a local tweaker to help me fulfill my sickest, darkest fantasy:

To fuck my daughter.

See, Amy wasn't just an ordinary 18-year-old. Nope, she was one of the sexiest, most exotic women I'd ever met. Even surpassing her mother's glamorous looks.

She had smooth, olive skin with long, shapely legs and eyes that bored into your soul.

I'd had a sick, fatherly crush on her ever since she'd come of age and started dressing provocatively.

I swear she'd grown into a woman overnight - with her large, unrestrained breasts, flat tummy and legs that seemed to go on forever.

Oh how I longed to see those upright, curvy tits, to trace my finger along her mesmerizing slopes. Man, just thinking about her body made me start to drool.

So, I knew all about this medical device - as I had been on the team that invented it.

Of course we'd tested it on each other for giggles, but that gave me the bright idea to use it on my daughter.

With a few lines of code, I'd adapted it into a surreptitious app that cloaked itself into a normal looking app that the young adults used these days.

I couldn't wait to try it out on Amy.

Dressing my best to fit in with the local rave scene, I scouted out the place, watching as the early birds arrived for that night's laser show.

My cock twitched in my pants as I watched hot girls and guys - all around my daughter's age - prance in, dressed in the most provocative, revealing clothes known to man.

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