Daddy Daughter 10: Knocking A Baby Into My Sleeping Daughter’s Belly

by Amber FoxxFire

My 18-year-old daughter, Jezebel, looked so peaceful sleeping in her bed.

She'd been having a rough go of it at college lately and was stressed out.

Her doctor prescribed her some sleeping pills so she could sleep a little better, and I was glad to see them working.

She was finally relaxing and getting the rest she so sorely needed.

I felt bad for her, she was a good girl and didn't deserve to have a bad time at college.

For several minutes as I stood there, I admired her gorgeous, athletic body. She was on the volleyball team and played tennis and ran track, and it was obvious she worked hard for that firm, sexy body of hers.

Her toned tummy and long, sexy legs made me wish I could run my tongue along every inch of her skin.

And her tight, sexy buns of steel always turned heads wherever she went.

The guys drooled over her when she jogged, her firm cheeks jiggling deliciously in her shorts.

She had all the guys around town chasing after her and asking her out, but so far she was keeping her virginity intact, saying she was waiting for the right guy.

But I had my...suspicions. There might never be the right guy.

As I watched her sleep, one of her legs poked out from under the covers and I stared at it.

My eyes roamed up her bare thigh, taking in her slender, firm leg and her silky smooth, pale skin.

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