Daddy Can’t Take it!


by Amber FoxxFire

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God, she was a tease! My 18-year-old daughter, Amelia, was just too damn sexy. She knew it, too. Sometimes I wondered if she wore her skimpy outfits around the house on purpose.

But everyone has their limits. And today was mine. I had a special cream that I’d saved for just this purpose. A mind-control cream. The question wasn’t why I used it on my daughter, but why I’d waited so damn long!


Amelia dashed inside and my cock was now tent-poling in my jeans. It was painful as I wobbled to the door in my garage to the living room foyer. Shit, my dick was so hard that it was about to bust out of its confines.

There was this trick I learned from my buddies a few months ago. I thought I'd never use it. But from the looks of my cock, I wasn't gonna get rid of this steel rod unless it had a good dose of pussy.

I went to my upstairs bedroom and pulled out this small disk-like container that contained a special grease. I took a smidgen of it on my index finger and hunted my Amelia down.

She was gonna have to feel the irritation and anger of my cock. What did she think? That she could just dance around and make me hard without having to fix it?

Her door was closed and I knocked twice.

"Coming, daddy. Hold on."

I bet she was still getting dressed. I kept thinking about how her crotch area of her bathing suit must've smelled.


It didn't matter, because with this pomade, I was going to fuck her brains out and she was going to like it. My cock was throbbing, yelling for the taste and touch of her pussy.

The door creaked open and immediately I swiped her forehead with the pomade I had on my index finger.

"Huh? What's this-?" She staggered back.

Suddenly she fell silent. Amelia was under my control now. Good.


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