Daddies Breeding Daughters 80-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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This daddy/daughter bundle features 80 of my hottest stories all in one place for your reading pleasure.

These hot daughters just love getting it on with their daddies and they want you to be a part of it.

Some of these stories will overlap with my other mega-bundles.


Stories included:

Daddies Breeding Daughters 80-Pack Vol 1


- Fucking Daddy
- Impregnated by Daddy
- Becoming Daddy’s Slut
- Taking Daddy Deep
- Daughter’s First Fuck
- Daddy’s Sleepwalking Slut
- Daddy! Don’t Cum in my Cervix
- Punished by Mommy & Daddy
- Knocking up the Brat
- Knocking up My Daughter and Her Best Friend
- Gangbanged by Daddy & His Friends
- Hypnotizing My Daughter
- Claimed by My Daddy!
- Catching my Wife & Daughter
- Seducing Daddy
- I Knocked up My Sleeping Daughter With Her Mother’s Help
- Taking My Daughter in Her Sleep
- Popping My Daughter’s Cherry
- Mind Controlled by Daddy
- All Tied Up
- Impregnating My Drunk, Fertile Daughter
- Whored out by Daddy to Pay the Bills
- Sleeping, Fertile Daughter’s Creampie Surprise
- Compelled to take Daddy’s Seed
- Daddy’s Little Princess is a Slut!
- Taking What I wanted from Daddy
- Daddy’s Little Slut
- Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter
- Daddy, You Didn’t Pull Out!
- Drugged, Sleeping Virgin Daughter Drilled by Daddy
- Paying Off My Debt to Daddy
- Daddy Took Me Like a Real Man
- Hypnotized by My Daughter
- Getting Daddy Drunk
- Pounding My Daughter's Pussy
- Daddy's Slumber Party Sluts
- Charming Daddy's Snake
- Mind-Controlled & Punished By Daddy
- Daddy Can't Take it Any Longer!
- Banged By Daddy in the Haunted House
- Sleep Sex With My Virgin Daughter
- Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter
- Dominated by Daddy
- Fuck me Harder, Daddy!
- Seeded by Daddy
- Taking Daddy in Me
- Young, Dumb & Full of Daddy's Cum
- Daddy Took My Virginity While I Slept
- Hypnotized to Obey - Neighborhood Gangbang
- Nailing My Daughter's Swollen Pussy
- Caught & Fucked by My Daughter
- You Did What To Our Daughter!?
- Swollen With My Father's Baby
- Can't Resist! Daddy Hypnotized Me!
- Knocking up My Drunk Daughter
- Knocking Up My Twin Daughters
- Knocked Up By My Angry Daddy
- Knocked Up By My Cop Daddy
- Drugging My Wife To Knock Up Our Daughter
- Milked By Daddy
- Hypnotizing My Daughter to be My Sex Slave
- Rough Sex With My Slutty Daughter
- Slap My Cunt, Daddy
- Knocked Up By My Preacher Daddy
- Daddy, Thank God You're Here!
- Wait Till Daddy Gets Home!
- Voodoo Doll - Part 1
- Voodoo Doll - Part 2
- Jerking Off On My Daughter's Face
- Grounded! On Daddy's Cock!
- Doctor Daddy Knocked Me Up On The Exam Table
- Dominating My Succubus Daughter
- DG 1 - Four Aces In My Daughter's Virgin Hole
- ML 1: Drinking My Daughter's Mother's Milk
- DG 2: What Do You Mean I Have To Pay You Back, Daddy?
- FS 1: Spanked Hard By Daddy!
- DG 3: Pounding My Grounded Daughter's Swollen Cunt
- DG 4: Knocking Up My Rebellious Daughter
- DG 5: Punishing My Disobedient Daughter
- PS 1: Fuck Me Raw, Daddy! I Want To Have Your Babies!


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