Cuffed and Raped By Big Brother

by Lita Gyle

My brother has always been overprotective, especially when it came to me dating. I thought it was just a sweet quirk, though frustrating when he kept ruining my chances of ever getting laid. One night, after a really nasty argument, he creeps into my room, cuffs me to the bed, and takes me. He wasn't overprotective. He's just obsessed with me and jealous of any guy who looked my way. As he pounds my pussy before giving me a brutal anal creampie, he tells me unspeakably filthy things...things he wants to do to me, like put his baby in my belly. It's disgusting and wrong, so why am I squirting on him as I come with his fist in my pussy?


A sound woke her, followed by a chill in the air as she realized she must have kicked off her blankets. The caress of cool air on her nipples penetrated the fog of sleep, because it felt wrong. They should be covered, since she had put on sleep attire.

She opened her eyes, blinking away the last vestiges of slumber, and screamed when she found Brian looming over her. Something in her mouth kept her from obtaining full volume, and her eyes widened with fear when she tried to open her mouth wider to remove the obstacle. She couldn't identify it exactly, but it felt silky smooth, with a hint of lace. It also tasted slightly tangy, and she whimpered when she realized it was the crotch of her panties shoved directly against her tongue, still slightly damp and tasting of her own pussy juices from her brief orgasm earlier.


Alarmed, she tried to sit up, and there was a clanking sound. She craned her neck to look up and gasped when she saw her hands were handcuffed to the bed, looped through one of the metal bars and confined with a single pair. She looked at Brian, her gaze pleading for an answer, as she tried to deny what she was seeing.

"I'm tired of you being a little whore to everyone but me. You're my little whore and no one else's. I was going to wait a while longer, maybe even until we finish school, but fuck that. If I don't make it plain to you now who owns your pussy and your ass and the rest of your body, you'll be giving it away indiscriminately to anyone who will take it."

He leaned over her, his face pressing into her own as he grasped her ponytail and yanked hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. "Do you like torturing me? Is that what this is about? How you're always fucking around with other boys and flirting?"

Fear made it hard to think, and her heart raced in her chest. Of course it wasn't about that. Her brother was saying terrible, frightening things, things she never even considered except in the very briefest of passing, before dismissing what had seemed like jealousy as simply overprotectiveness. Realizing now that her brother was obsessed with her in a completely inappropriate way made all of his previous behavior make a lot more sense. It explained everything.


About the Author

Lita Gyle is a filthy girl with dark fantasies she loves to share with you.

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