Cuffed : Mom Swap 8

by Tori Westwood

A cop, Trent, pulls over his mother, Carla, beside a billboard on the way out of town.  She’s reluctant to follow his instructions and Trent winds up handcuffing her to the back of the huge sign, but soon discovers that the mysterious billboard has some very strange powers.

Read as Trent and his mother switch bodies, with Carla exacting sinful revenge on her handcuffed former body by using her son’s!


“I can take care of myself.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” Carla said, laughing.  “Doesn’t look like you can do much of anything at the minute.”

“The keys are in your right pocket,” Trent said.  “Uncuff me and we can work out what the hell has happened.”

“Pretty clear, isn’t it?  I’m in your body.  What’s left to discover?”  Carla’s expression lit up.  “Apart from …”

Her hand moved down her body and over her belt-buckle.  Trent watched as his Mom started to touch him below the waist.

“Mom!” he cried, listening to his mother’s wail leave him.

“What?  It’s mine now.  Touch my body all you want too,” she said.  “Oh yeah, you’re handcuffed.  You can’t.”


She started to laugh.  The smile was soon replaced with a hiss of breath and a look of excitement.  She stroked along the growing barrel of flesh as Trent watched.  It was the strangest torment he’d ever known, but he couldn’t confidently say he didn’t enjoy it.

“The keys, Mom!” Trent tried.

There was no shaking Carla.  She was rubbing back and forth along the now bolt-stiff packet of her son, and she didn’t even see anything wrong with it.

“We have to get acquainted with our new bodies,” she said.

“How can I?!”

Carla ignored him for the moment.  Instead, she unfastened her belt-buckle.  “It’s been years since I’ve seen this,” she said.

“Mom!” Trent tried again.

“Let me have my fun,” she replied.

She reached down into her pants and felt her son’s coarse hair.  Trent swallowed and for the first time he realized he had a pussy.  He realized because it had started to turn damp.

“I’ll take good care of it,” his Mom said.

Trent watched her expression turn serene.  Her eyes were closed and she stared away, focusing on the touch that she felt beneath her boxer-shorts.

His Mom moved his hand back and forth, stroking along the thick barrel of flesh.  “That feels good,” she moaned.  “I can see why you guys do it so much.”

Carla swallowed and let out a whimper.  Trent’s new pussy turned even wetter.  He didn’t ever think that he’d find this kind of scenario exciting, but the more his mother explored Trent’s old body the more Trent realized that he was just as naughty as her.

“Gosh, it’s making me want to pull it out,” his Mom said.  Trent never said ‘gosh.’

“That wouldn’t be right, would it?” Trent said.  It was a genuine question.

“It’s mine now, Trent.”

He swallowed.  His hands sat in prayer, cuffed to the metal railing in front of him.  He couldn’t stop his mother if he wanted to—and he didn’t want to.

She reached down into his suit pants and then pulled his cock up and out.  She jerked it and marveled.  Trent watched himself discover his cock for the first time all over again.

He’d never had this view of himself before or watched himself masturbate like that.  He found himself becoming even wetter.  The fact that he couldn’t touch his new body in the same way was driving him wild.

“Fuck, it’s so hard,” his Mom said.  She looked at her old body.  “I’d be getting so fucking wet now if I was in your position.

Trent swallowed.  “I am.”


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