Cuckqueans Erotica Bundle 4-Pack : Books 1 – 4

by Connie Cuckquean

This collection features books 1 to 4 of the 'Cuckqueans' series, where women yearn to treat their husbands to another female beauty while they watch on.  The mistresses in this bundle will allow the cuckqueans to join in, but it's strictly on their terms!  One thing they all get to do is clean-up the mess afterwards.  Read how these sinful wives get cucked in naughty threesomes that'll leave you salivating.

Stories include : 'Watching My Husband Fuck The Girl Nextdoor,' 'Another Woman in My Bed,' 'Watching My Husband Fuck The Girl From The Pool,' & 'Another Woman in Our House.'


“I’m gonna show your husband a good time,” she smirked, moving that cute little ass of hers over towards us.

She made Jon sit down next to me and he was rapt by her, looking up as though he was getting his own private dance off of her.

She pulled up her tank-top and I watched as her beautiful, full tits dropped out from underneath, held in a cute little bra.  Her stomach was flat and she had this athletic frame that made me think about hitting the gym a little more.

She straddled Jon quickly and I watched his posture shift.  I’d seen the look before and knew it exactly.  He was desperately trying to adjust himself so that the fast-growing erection in his pants felt comfortable.

“You like to watch, huh?” she asked, looking at me and slowly grinding her ass back and forth.

I nodded nervously.

“You wanna watch your husband’s thick cock disappear inside my pussy?”


Jon looked over at me, worried of my reaction.  Hearing the words ignited something inside me though.  I nodded again.

“I’ll show him a good time,” she said, and I watched as her face dropped to his and she started to kiss his lips.

His eyes were open to begin with, but soon he closed them and started to kiss her back.  I watched her hands run over his chest and then down to that big dick of his.  I’d never be able to satisfy him like that.

Her palm rubbed along him and then she pressed her pussy down on him, running the crotch of her tight yoga pants over the bulge.

“He’s nice and ready for me,” she said.  “I’ll show you.”

I sat merely feet away from the pair of them as she got to her knees and hastily began to unfasten Jon’s pants.

The belt unshackled and she pulled it through the loops quickly, flailing it out and tossing it to the floor.  Without missing a beat she went straight for the button of his pants and I felt my stomach twist as the lust-filled adrenaline pumped through me.

I took a deep breath and looked on as she tugged his jeans open, then without ceremony she delved into his boxer-shorts and tugged his big, hard cock above the waist.

“Oh, wow,” she swooned, squeezing the hilt and marveling at his swollen flesh before looking at me.  “You don’t deserve this.”

Jon stared down his body, dismissing her criticism of me.  Instead his eyes were locked on her lips and he was impatiently awaiting her mouth.

She gave him one slow pump and then opened her mouth wide.  I did the same, imagining being in her position.  Her lips clasped around his flesh and Jon let out a deep breath, clearly satisfied.


About the Author

Connie Cuckquean writes that sinful erotica that you crave, about housewives letting their husbands have everything they desire while they watch!

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