Cuckolded in Front of My Little Brat

Interracial BBC & Hotwife Cuckold Humiliation SPH Erotica

by Reagan Snow

Cuckolded in Front of My Little Brat by Reagan Snow Interracial BBC & Hotwife Cuckold Humiliation SPH Erotica

A sexy stepdaughter, a pissed-off wife, and a humiliated husband who gets taught a lesson

When I was caught wanking on my dick while watching my stepdaughter fuck her sexy black boyfriend, I knew that my wife had every reason to be angry with me. And angry she was.

But what I didn’t realize was the thrill I would get from being forced into the cuckold lifestyle, and that I would like watching my wife receive the orgasms and pleasure she deserved from her big, black boss.

Buy now to enjoy this sizzling story about a husband who has no choice in becoming a cuckold, and who finds that he may have wanted this all along…


“Cuckold,” Idris said. “I know that word very well. Most women I’ve been with have had a husband like you. You’re much the same as them, you know, Hugh. Ordinary. Average. Not even average; you are subpar. I know that small penis of yours is hard right now, but nobody would ever consider that small…thing…a real dick.”

“I’m so sorry…” I murmured back. How did he know I was hard?? I glanced down and saw that there was a small lump in the crotch of my pants. I was so humiliated that he knew that deep down, I really wanted this.

He showed me his pinkie finger, brought it close to my face.

“Do you think your hard dick is bigger than this?” he asked, his voice becoming slow and soft, a seductive whisper.

His finger was so close to me that I flinched. I went cross-eyed, trying to properly look at it. And my heart sank again when I realized that his hands were so huge, I wasn’t bigger than his pinkie.

About the Author

I grew up in a small Northwestern town where no one talked about the dark thrills that live in the hidden corners of their minds.

While it may not be polite to talk about those dark desires, it is fun to write about those dark dreams. That is exactly why my wife, Indica Snow, and I write stories both independently and together.

I enjoy exploring the recesses of the attic of my mind and let that curiosity take me wherever it may lead, from a hot wife getting more than she can find at home to a billionaire taking advantage of his wealth…you never know what may come next.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I enjoyed writing down what my imagination has created.

Happy reading,


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