Cuckolded for My Birthday

Small Penis Humiliation Cuckold Hotwife Voyeur Interracial BBC Erotica

by Reagan Snow

A hotwife, a black bull, and a camera

For my 40th birthday, my wife and cuckoldress bought me the perfect surprise gift: A camera with a telephoto lens on it. She wanted me to take pictures of her and her bull fucking. I’d been a cuckold for a long time now but had never seen my wife in action.

Would I give into the temptation and sneak through the bushes to take pictures? Or would I allow my humiliation and pride get in the way of learning what a true cuckold is…

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Could I really do that? Go over to some guy’s apartment and spy on him as he fucked my wife? I had yet to watch my wife in action…

But my hard dick distracted me. Surely I was going to have to do something about my erect cock first, with all these thoughts of Shannon and Darrell - a big, tough black guy, no less! - together.

I grabbed the remote and brought up one of my favorite cuckold pornos - one where the monstrously huge black guy took a hot white girl (who looked a lot like my wife) up the ass without protection.

I closed my eyes and letting a fantasy form in my head as I started stroking my cock, the porno’s pleading and moaning in the background creating the perfect soundtrack.

About the Author

I grew up in a small Northwestern town where no one talked about the dark thrills that live in the hidden corners of their minds.

While it may not be polite to talk about those dark desires, it is fun to write about those dark dreams. That is exactly why my wife, Indica Snow, and I write stories both independently and together.

I enjoy exploring the recesses of the attic of my mind and let that curiosity take me wherever it may lead, from a hot wife getting more than she can find at home to a billionaire taking advantage of his wealth…you never know what may come next.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I enjoyed writing down what my imagination has created.

Happy reading,


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