Cuckolded by the BBC

Hotwife BDSM Cuckolding Husband Humiliation Interracial Erotica

by Reagan Snow

Cuckolded by the BBC by Reagan Snow - Hotwife BDSM Cuckolding Husband Humiliation Interracial Erotica
Part of the Cuckolded by the BBC series:
  • Cuckolded by the BBC

Some men are successful, handsome, and black...

These are the men who know what to do with a beautiful woman. Women want these men.

Then there are the husbands who are not successful, not handsome, and not equipped to satisfy a woman.

These men are the cuckolds.

Welcome to the world of cuckolding, where the wife gets the pleasure and the husband gets to watch.

Buy now to read Cuckolded by the BBC, a collection of four sizzling hot stories where strong, black men give these beautiful wives what they’ve always wanted, but have never had: Mind-blowing sex…


From “Cuckolded by the Big, Black Dom”:

As soon as I entered, I dropped the bag with the pizza in it down to the floor.

Holy fucking shit.

My wife was on her knees, as a hulking black man stood over her, his head tossed back, moaning and grunting while my wife gave him a blowjob with an enthusiasm I had never seen from her.Her eyes immediately caught mine but that didn’t mean she was going to slow down giving this stranger head. She didn’t say anything, just sucked his cock, her hands behind her back, his hands playing with her hair.

My cock immediately tensed and stiffened: I was now blessed with an erection more intense than any I had ever thought I would enjoy.

“Oh my god,” I murmured.

About the Author

I grew up in a small Northwestern town where no one talked about the dark thrills that live in the hidden corners of their minds.

While it may not be polite to talk about those dark desires, it is fun to write about those dark dreams. That is exactly why my wife, Indica Snow, and I write stories both independently and together.

I enjoy exploring the recesses of the attic of my mind and let that curiosity take me wherever it may lead, from a hot wife getting more than she can find at home to a billionaire taking advantage of his wealth…you never know what may come next.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I have written as much as I enjoyed writing down what my imagination has created.

Happy reading,


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