Cross Pollination : Mommy’s Creampies 23

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Cross Pollination : Mommy’s Creampies 23
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

My son Caleb was back from college and I needed him to help on our market stall.  We sold plants and flowers, but the only blossoming I had noticed was Caleb’s.  When did he become such a hunk?!

When we catch a sniff of a mysterious flower’s pollen the two of us are captivated by its powers.  Read as the aphrodisiacal plant takes its toll and sees Caleb and I do something sinful!


“Come on now, Caleb.  I’m not about to reach over and take out your hard, delicious cock am I?”

Jeez, what was I saying?

Caleb laughed uneasily.  “I should hope not.  And I wouldn’t want to pull down your panties and put my face right between your legs.  That just wouldn’t be right.”

“It wouldn’t,” I lied.

There was a silence between the two of us for a moment.  I could feel my heart pumping in my chest like thunder.  The juices of my excitement rushed to my pussy and I found myself suddenly excited by Caleb.

My nipples stiffened and punched out of my t-shirt that sat behind my dungarees.  Caleb’s eyes shot to them as they announced themselves.

“I guess we’re—uh—both stiff,” he said.


I looked again to that terrific packet of his and Caleb did too.  He opened his legs and leaned back, giving me a better view.  The whole front of his jeans was filled with cock.  It stretched out to the side, as though it was making a bid of escape through his front-pocket.

“Damn, Caleb,” I swooned.  “That looks good.”

“I could say the same thing about you.”

We sat across from each other staring.  I moved the plant aside for a better view and then sat back in my chair and stared.  Caleb was looking at my tits and my eyes were all over his crotch.

I saw his cock move beneath as the blood filled it.  Outside I could hear the market-stalls being cleared away, but in here it felt private.  It felt like we could do something foolish and get away with it.

“I want to touch myself so bad, Mom.”

“That’s funny, because I want you to touch yourself too.”

I bit my lip as Caleb’s hand moved down his body.  Soon his was rubbing along the thick barrel that sat in his pants.

I straightened my back and took a breath, shaking out my hands.  It was no good.  All I could think about was taking his forbidden cock right then and there.  It was as though my thoughts had been overrun with sinful, incestuous musings and there was only one way to sate them.

I unclipped the shoulders of my dungarees and let it fall down.  It was easy to notice that I’d neglected a bra.  In the heat of the indoor market I tried to wear as little as I could.

Caleb watched as I started to rub at my tits.  They moved beneath the smooth cotton of my t-shirt.  I could feel the fabric tickle softly over my stiff nipples.

“That looks good, Mom,” he said.

He popped the button on his jeans and I tried to remain calm.  I pushed my tits together for him and sucked a deep breath through my clenched teeth.  It was no good.

“I want your cock, honey,” I confessed.

“I want you to have it.”

Caleb stood up and unzipped.  I rubbed at my tits as he downed his pants.  The thin fabric of his boxer-shorts hugged his cock like shrink-wrap.  I could already make out the thick veins that stretched up him.

“That looks beautiful, honey,” I told him.  “Are you going to give it to Mommy?”

“I want you to have it,” Caleb said.  He put a foot up on the table.  “Come and take it.”


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