Controlling My Daughter With A Voodoo Doll – Part 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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A Voodoo doll. Mind-controlling his innocent, virgin, 18-year-old daughter, Michelle with a Voodoo doll was not something Steve had ever dreamed he’d be doing. But once his co-worker John showed him how his own daughter could be controlled to do exactly what he wanted, Steve was hooked.

Whatever he wanted her to do. Anything. All he needed was a lock of hair.

And the doll.


"Come on, man, you can't be serious," I said as I snatched the weird-looking Barbie-doll looking plastic toy from my co-worker's hands.

"I'm not shitting you, Steve, this is the real deal." John said, his eyes wide with excitement.

"You've...uh...used this?" I looked at him dubiously.

He nodded, his lips curling up into a smile.

"May I ask on whom?" I felt the doll and realized that it felt real; life-like. This wasn't no ordinary child's toy.

His smile touched his eyes and he was grinning from ear to ear. "Daisy, of course."

"Your 19-year-old daughter?" I arched an eyebrow. I hadn't pegged him as the incestuous sort.

"You damn right!" He clapped his hands together.

"And she never suspected a thing."

"Nothing. As far as she was concerned, what she was doing was the most natural thing in the world."

I still wasn't quite convinced. But John was persuasive.


"All you need is a lock of hair from the lovely lady and she's all yours."

"Let me guess..."

I watched as he pulled out a thin strand of blonde hair and waved it in my face. Blonde?

"Your busty Michelle and Daisy sit next to each other in one of their college classes."

It was my turn to widen my eyes in shock. "Michelle? My little Michelle?"

"Ha!" He bellowed. "She's 18 and stacked. Not little by any stretch of the imagination. I mean, if you're not interested..."

I snatched the tiny strand of hair from his grasp. "What do I have to do?"


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