Controlling My Daughter And Her Mother With A Voodoo Doll – Part 2

by Amber FoxxFire

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A Voodoo doll. Mind-controlling his innocent, virgin, 18-year-old daughter, Michelle with a Voodoo doll was not something he’d ever dreamed of doing. But his co-worker John showed him how his own daughter could be controlled to do exactly what he wanted.

Part 2 gets even hotter as he bangs his co-worker’s daughter and watches as his daughter uses the doll on her mother. Then bangs her, too.


"It's your voodoo doll, mom..." Michelle stepped forward and grabbed the doll out of my hands.

"My voodoo doll? You're joking, right?" She put up her hands and started to back away.

I folded my arms across my chest, wondering what my lovely, devious daughter had in mind. Whatever it was, I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy the show.

"Yes." She said, her lips pressed together and her eyes shooting daggers. "You don't think I forgot what you made me do to daddy, do you?"

My wife - to her credit - nearly made it up the stairs before my daughter stopped her cold in her tracks.

"Stay!" She barked at her like she was a dog.

I watched with a deep satisfaction as my wife stopped so fast that she nearly fell over.

"Turn around." She ordered.

"Y...yes." My wife said, cold fear in her normally confidant voice. God damn if this hadn't brought my cock fully to life.


"That's master to you!" She boomed and my wife cowered.

"Yes, master..." She said, her voice full of fear.

"Why don't you slink back down here like the dog you are!"

" want me to act like a dog?" My wife's eyes widened.

"Yes. From now on." I glanced at my daughter who had a wicked, mischievous smile on her pretty little face.

"This is great..." I whispered and kissed my baby girl on the lips.

I watched with my mouth open wide as my bitchy wife got down on her hands and knees and crawled down the stairs.


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