Controlling & Breeding My Bimbo Mother

by Amber FoxxFire

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Now that I was finished breeding my sister, I wondered if this BimbApp could be used on other women. Mom was home today - in fact, she was out back sunbathing by the pool. This would be a perfect time to try it out on her.

Thinking about knocking up my mind-controlled, bimbo mother made my cock so hard I could hardly walk. All I had to do was take a picture of her.

“Hey mom! Say cheese!”


Laying on my bed I was enjoying a wonderfully sloppy blow job from my sister. She had been a major bitch to me last night, and despite making me angry, we had worked things out.

I don't know how or why, but I was lucky that a new program downloaded to my phone called Bimb-App, and with just one picture I made my sister go from bitch to slave, doing anything I wanted, and servicing my cock whenever I wanted.

She was sleeping next to me in my bed, I had screwed her brains out pretty hard and now she was resting up from being bred.

It had been such an amazing time and yet I was craving more, I had made my sister a bimbo, and I had made her obey me, but now I was feeling an urge to do it again, to make other women become part of my harem.

Knocking my sister up was fun, it was kinky too, it wasn't just naughty, it was forbidden. I had turned my terrible sister into my breeding bimbo slut.


A thought then occurred to me. Why not Mom? She wasn't a royal bitch like my sister, but I wasn't exactly the favorite, either.

She had today off, and the Bimb-App needed more testing, and quite frankly I wanted to see if I could breed my Mom as well.

Leaving my sister to sleep, I made my way around the house looking for her.

It took me a minute before I realized she was outside near the pool working on her tan. This was a perfect chance to test it out on her.

"Hey Mom, how's it going?" I asked as I pulled out my phone and started the program up.

"Well, I'd be better if you got out of my sun. You're ruining my tan." She said, a small sigh escaping her lips.

She wasn't usually this bad, she must be in a bad mood, but that was no excuse to be so bitchy. What my Mom needed was a break from thinking, a break from making choices, and I was going to help her with that.

Lifting the phone up, I took a picture of mom and let it process for a minute.

"What did y..." She attempted to say, but stopped before she could finish.

I leaned over and took the sunglasses off her face and saw a vacant stare in her eyes.


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