Collared & Leashed By My Own Dog

by Amber FoxxFire

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I’d always wanted a close relationship - just not with a guy. Dice - on the other hand - well, he was the best damn dalmatian a girl could ask for! But he was a dog. Now if there was just some way to reconcile the two…


I can't understand...wait! This happened because of that golden liquid she placed on the chicken she gave me. How come I'm thinking this?

It was as if his mind had expanded and he could think thoughts that a normal dog couldn't.

"It worked! It really worked." She clapped her hands together as she stared at his new dog/human body, pleased with herself.

"I changed you into a man-dog so you could get me pregnant." She explained as her face turned crimson.

"Why? You're so beautiful that any man would fall in love with you." Dice couldn't understand why she felt this way, but he was going to accept it.

"Aww..." She studied the ground.

Stepping toward her, Dice placed his hands over hers and gazed into her bright green eyes. He knew what she wanted and he was more than ready to give it to her.

He looked down and saw his eagerness poking from his sheath. With a grateful inward sigh, he saw that his dick hadn't changed one bit.


It was large, thick and one hundred percent a dog's cock. His dick was deep red almost purple with veins covering it like spider webs. It's head was like a spear point and was ready for action.


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