Cisco Mind Controlled & Impregnated Me!

by Amber FoxxFire

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Running from her ex, Monica ran to the safety of her stallion, Cisco. The stallion protected her from the evil man. But, who would protect her from Cisco?


"No!" A naked woman raced through the field with the man in hot pursuit.

Cisco screamed his challenge, lunging to the fence, striking out with his hooves.

The 18-year-old woman slipped through the fence and the man plunged in after her.

Cisco slammed him into the ground and sent a mental thought to him. Stay still.

The man froze and looked at him with a fearful expression.

Monica, the trembling 18-year-old woman, stumbled and fell in the dirt. She turned to see the confrontation between the pinto stallion and her now ex boyfriend.

"You stay right there!" Cisco said in a deep voice that sent shivers through both of them as he glared at the man.

The man nodded his head in acknowledgment, not daring to move. Cisco spun around and pranced up to Monica.

"Thank you." She buried her head on his powerful neck.

Look into my eyes." Cisco commanded in his deep voice.

She gazed into his dark brown eyes.


Submit to me. He forcefully sent the thought into her mind.

Shaking her head, she took a step back. Her eyes wide with fear and confusion. Monica tried to push his intrusive thoughts away and her fear exploded in her when she found she couldn't.


What are you?

Obey me. You serve me. I'm your master. He replied simply, yet forcefully.

I don't want a master! She cried out, trying to push him from her mind.

Yes, you do. Do you want guys like him to take advantage of you?

Monica shook her hear, her dark brown hair swirled around her face.

Trust me. He said soothingly, caressing her mind.

Tentatively, she opened her mind to him and he pushed deep inside.

Can you hear me? He sent her the inquiry.

Yes. She said.

Submit to me. He commanded so strong that she wilted and opened her mind completely to him. Standing before him submissively, she waited for his orders.

I'm your protector. He nuzzled her face, breathing in her rich, fertile scent.

She didn't resist, but yielded to his dominance.

These powers came to him last week when a bolt of lighting struck his water trough. He'd drank greedily of the water and felt his mind expand and grow in intelligence. He found that he could mentally control anyone he desired - including his mistress.

He eroded the 18-year-old woman's will to where she would do anything he told her.


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