Cisco Knocked A Baby In My Fertile Womb

by Studly Stallion

Coming home from college, I saw that my parents had sold everything on the farm. Every sheep, goat, chicken, everything. I raced into the barn to see if my baby, Cisco, had also been sold!

Thank the Gods he hadn’t! I was so overcome with joy that I didn’t realize what he was doing…

Until it was too late to stop him.


I was 18 and returning home from college for a Thanksgiving family reunion. Everyone would be there. Other than my parents and brother, I missed my pinto stallion, Cisco, the most.

I pulled into the driveway, eager to see my family and burst through the front door.
"Mom! Dad! Bro! I'm home!" I sang out to a dark house.

At first I thought it was a surprise where they'd jump out and yell my name. After a few moments, though, I knew they weren't here.

Where could they be?

Flicking on the light to the kitchen, I noticed a note on the island. Reading it I flung it back on the counter and raced outside.

The note said they'd sold everything to pay off the debt. All the cows, equipment and horses. They assured me they'd have enough money to start over next year.

Had they sold Cisco? My heart pounded in my chest as I flung open the barn door.

"Cisco!" The word caught in my throat. How could I live without my stallion?


My voice danced along the empty stalls of the stable. I waited, wondering the unthinkable question of my stallion's fate.

A welcoming neigh greeted my ears. Cisco! I raced to his stall not believing what I'd heard.

"Cisco!" I bolted to his stall at the end of the barn and hugged my horse, Hot tears trailed down my cheeks as joy flooded through me.

He nuzzled my cheeks in greeting. I was so glad to see him here. At last he was here and not sold.

He nipped at my clothes and ripped off my shirt. I giggled so glad to see him, so I allowed him to do it even though I shouldn't have.

"What are you doing?" I laugh cried.

He waved my shirt around and dropped it on the ground. He always was a joker.

He pawed the ground and shook his head.

"You naughty boy." I scolded him, wagging my finger in front of him.

He snorted.


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