Check-Mating : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Check-Mating : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

My son Henry finally notices the family chess-board and challenges me to a match after falling in love with the game online.  I beat him easily and he’s downtrodden but determined.  Now we’re raising the stakes, with each game getting more and more daring.  We’re playing for our modesty, but I quickly discover Henry has been conning me!  He’s better than I thought!  Read how we get naked together and do something unspeakable …


“You look so good, Mom,” he hushed, staring.

“You don’t mean that …”

“I do.  I really do.  Look what you’re doing to me.”

He stared down to his pants and I took another look at the bulge.  Henry pinched the fabric around his cock to show me how big and swollen he was.  I felt my pussy begin to drool.

“You gonna leave your Mom here all naked on her own?”

“But I didn’t lose the game,” Henry smiled.

I bit my lip and shook my head, looking to my panties and wondering if I should put them back on yet.

“But if it would make you feel more comfortable …” Henry said, and he started to take down his sweatpants.

I stared ahead and watched.  I took a sharp breath as I noticed he was taking his boxer-shorts down too and then suddenly I saw his beautiful cock emerge, all stiff and proud.


He pushed his pants to his ankles and stepped out.  All I could see was his cock.  It looked so surreal, looking so beautiful and tempting on my son’s body like that.  I knew it was wrong, but a woman has needs and desires and right then they were sizzling.  I was so full of lust that my morals and ethics started to take a back-seat.

“Henry, you’re so big.”

He took a couple of steps towards me.  He was within touching distance.  His big cock surged forwards, pointing right at my pussy.

I uncrossed my legs and took a breath.  I could feel myself tremble.  Henry seemed calm in comparison.

“I want you, Mom,” he said.  I’d never heard such a glorious sentence in all my life.

“You’re making me want to do something naughty,” I confessed.

I felt impossibly horny.  I’d never wanted to be fucked so bad in all my life.  To know that someone as good-looking as Henry wanted to fuck me was making me feel wanted.  I wanted him bad.  I wanted to be with someone who I desired for once.  It would be the first time in a long time.

Henry moved forwards and I braced myself.  I had no idea what he was going to do.  He opened his arms wide and took me up in them, hugging me close.  I could feel his hard cock against me but for now all I touched was that strong, broad back of his.

He kissed at my cheek, and I made no attempts to stop him.  I could feel my nipples stiffen against his taut, muscled chest.  His hands started to move down my back until they were on my ass.  He took a firm grip and pulled me closer, letting out a soft, moaning breath.

“Honey, are you sure about this?” I asked.  I don’t know why I gave him an out, but I wanted to be sure that we were both on the same sinful page.

He pulled his head from off my shoulder and looked me in the eye.  “I’m sure.”

He leaned forwards and I closed my eyes.  His lips touched mine and we kissed.  At first our lips pressed together, and I kissed him like he was my son, but before long our mouths were getting wider and our tongues were threatening to touch.

I took a deep breath and went for it, pushing my tongue into his mouth and humming contently as he started to kiss me back.  The second the act was solidified I felt my heartrate rise.  This was it.

“Oh, Henry,” I hummed, pulling away from him.

He kissed at my face, but I had other ideas.  I started to run my hands over his chest and crouch to my knees slowly.  I left wet pecks down his chest and abdomen until I had settled on the floor and found myself staring straight forwards at that clean, cut cock.  It looked too beautiful.  It was unblemished and young-looking, but so big and powerful.  I hadn’t seen one like that since forever.

“I want to suck your cock,” I told him, staring up from the floor.

Henry wore a look of nervous excitement.  He was breathing unsteadily, and his eyes were fluttering from my face to his cock as he imagined the union.

“Please, Mom,” he said.  “Suck it.”


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