Caught & Milked : Brat’s Milk 5

Hucow Age Gap Lactation Milking Breast Feeding Adult Nursing XXX Erotica

by Tori Westwood

I'd been milking myself for around a year now and I couldn't even remember how it started.  All that matters is that it felt incredible, but I was about to find out how much more incredible it is when someone else is doing it to you.  It just so happened that 'someone else' wound up being my older housemate!  Luckily he likes it just as much as I do!


His cock plowed me ceaselessly and there was no escaping it, smashing the pleasure from me with each fierce jolt of his hips against my swollen cunt.

He pulled off me to suck from my tits, pausing his thrusts while my pussy gripped around him and I strained out my release with a cry.

My breasts shot more and more hot lashings of cream into his hungry mouth and he drank each down gladly, allowing some of it to spill over my chest and give me a milky-white sheen.

"Bring me your cock," I gasped now.  "I want to finish you with my mouth."

He pulled out and knelt above me, working his way up the bed and bringing his glistening dick closer to where I wanted it.

It swayed in front of me and I claimed it, feeling the wetness of my cunt on his skin and licking my juices from him in long sweeping flays of my tongue.

My fist pumped him with purpose, jerking quickly along his cock as the need for his cum became greater.


"I want it all over me," I said through gritted teeth.

"I'm gonna come for you," he said and it's something I still imagine him repeating whenever I get myself off now.

"Give it me, Dylan," I cried, watching for the warnings signs.

I noticed his balls pull tighter to his shaft as I pumped him and his stomach moved in and out dramatically as he breathed, indicating his imminent release.

"Give it me," I gasped, giving the smooth head of his cock one last suck.  "I want your cum on my face."

"Here it comes," he panted, looking down at his dick now and waiting for the show to start.


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