Caught in a Knot 3: Dared to Try Bestiality

by Kimmy Hicks

It started as a joke, a fun game of truth or dare with my girlfriend and her best friend. As the drinks disappeared, so did their inhibitions. When I dared them to let my horny Doberman, Rusty, fuck them both, they actually agreed to try it - to my utter shock and delight. I never thought I would get to watch the two hottest girls I know try out bestiality right in my own living room. It was a night that I will never forget, and I don't have to, since I videotaped the whole scene.

About the Author

Bestial delights and four-legged fun is my specialty! If cute girls being fucked like bitches and knotted by their canine lovers shocks you, then please don't read my books! Otherwise, come on in and watch the furry fantasies unfold! There will be no holding back - just as nature intended!

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