Catching My Sisters Doing Dirty Deeds

by Felix Stanton

Kirk thought it would be fun to come home from college a few days early to surprise his sisters. Imagine HIS surprise when he hears one of them screaming in passion. His shock grows when he peeks in and sees Kassie is having sex with her identical twin sister, Kayla!

What man wouldn’t be turned on by two teenage girls making love? Especially ones as beautiful, exotic and sexy as these two… Kirk is no exception. As he watches them from the hallway, he overhears them wish he was there, to teach them all about sex with a guy.

Kirk loves his sisters more than anything, so does what any big brother would do… he joins them. Together the three siblings explore the pleasures of the flesh as Kirk takes his sisters’ virginities.


“Umm… Kirk. There is no WAY that’ll fit in me.” Kayla said, shaking her head.

“Don’t worry Sis, it’ll fit. I’ll go slow. Now, do either of you have any idea about sex with a guy?” he reassured her, a huge smile on his face. What guy doesn’t like getting told their cock is too big.

“They like getting their dicks sucked!” Kayla answered enthusiastically.

“We do! Want to try?” he said, moving closer. With one hand on his cock he waved it at them.

They both nodded their heads in unison and sat on the edge of the bed. “What do I do?” asked Kayla.


“Just take it in your mouth and suck on it. I’ll show you the rest.” he answered as Kayla leaned over and kissed the tip. She opened her mouth and took the large mushroom head into her mouth, giving it a little suck. She tried to get more into her mouth when she was interrupted.

“Hey, let me try!” Kassie said as she nudged her sister out of the way. Her mouth engulfed the tip and slid down the shaft. She wrapped one hand part way around the thick shaft and stroked it as she expertly sucked her sibling off. She twirled her tongue around the sweet spot just under the head, pulling a long moan from her shocked brother.

”Oh, fuck, Kass, where did you learn to do that?” he asked.

“I studied! And practised on bananas!” she answered quickly, before bobbing her head up and down on his cock, making a loud slurping noise.


About the Author

I’m a pretty twisted mofo. All kinds of weird shit goes on up in my dome. My girlfriend is just as kinky as I am, so we decided to put some this stuff down for you guys to read. She wants to stay behind the scenes though, so it’s just me frontin’ these wicked stories.

What do I write about? Whatever the fuck I feel like. Daddy’s and daughters, family gangbangs, dogs screwing the babysitter, who knows. Whatever gets the missus nice and gooey today.

I like my stories hot and to the point, like to get into the action quick. But I also like some good details, my imagination is pretty good, so your’s doesn’t have to be.

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