Carrying My Son’s Baby

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by Amber FoxxFire

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Upon hearing the news that her only son’s wife was unable to get pregnant, Amber agreed to carry their baby for him. After all, she’d been fantasizing about her son for a long time. Little did she know that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.


"Are you sure about this, Mrs. Stevenson? I mean, this is a really great thing you're doing for us. I can't express my gratitude." Melanie said as she hugged her mother-in-law.

"I never expected this to happen. I mean..." she sniffled, "when the doc said..."

Mark came up behind her and held her close. "It's okay," he whispered and stroked his wife's hair.

Mark's mother, Amber, smiled. "I'm just glad I'm still young enough to help. Now," she said, changing the subject. "You run along and start preparing for the baby." She wrapped her arms around her handsome son seductively. "Because in just a few short minutes, I'm going to be knocked up with your husband's baby."

"Great!" Melanie's face lit up and raced out the door. "Thanks again! I'll never forget this!"


Mark had never been this close to his mother before and wasn't quite sure how to act. I mean, his mother had graciously accepted to carry his wife's baby for her. But she had made it clear that she wanted to be inseminated naturally.

"Now," Amber turned to her son, lust filling her emerald eyes, "where should we start."


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