Busting My Sister Out Of Jail, Then Busting Her Cherry

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Busting My Sister Out Of Jail, Then Busting Her Cherry

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Sis called me up in the middle of the night from jail wanting to be bailed out. Ever since she’d turned 18, she’d been hanging around with the wrong crowd. Now that wrong crowd had gotten her in a big heap of trouble.

And she needed me to bail her out so mom and dad wouldn’t find out what she’d been up to.

I could do that.

For a price…


Sis had done it again. That God damn stupid, vapid bitch. Ever since she'd turned 18, she'd fallen in with the wrong crowd. I tried to tell her they were no good, but being the vapid blonde she was, she wouldn't listen to me.

So be it!

If the fucking bitch wanted to get herself into trouble, she could get herself right out.


Sure enough, a frantic phone call came in at 3AM.

"Sam?" I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "What's the deal? It's --" I glanced over at the bedside clock. "3 in the morning. Aren't you supposed to be conning some guy out of a six pack or something?"

"Dan, that's not funny. Listen --" Her voice turned suddenly serious and low. "The cops have picked me up and are taking me downtown. If mom and dad find out, they'll kill me."

"For what?" My eyes shot open wide.

"Drinking." She whispered, her voice barely audible.

"God damn it, Sam! I knew it! Those scamps are nothing but trouble."


"Yeah, I know..." She whimpered. Was that a hint of regret I heard in her sassy voice? "I know this isn't your thing, but do you think you could bust me out of here?"

"Bail?" I sighed. "How much do they want?"

There was a long pause at the other end of the line.

"How much?" My jaw slackened and nearly dropped to the floor.

"Five thousand. Listen, Dan, you know I'm --"

"Fuck no!" I shouted and nearly slammed the phone down.

But something in the way she started pleading with me prevented it.

"Please, brother! I promise I'll stop hanging around with Mary and Jenna."


"Brother!" She pleaded, sniffling. "I've only got a few minutes on the call."


"Mom and dad will kill me!"


"Dan, I'll do ANYTHING!"

That did it. Those were the magic words. When she realized she'd found the right combination, she pressed her advantage.


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