Buster Breeds My Wife While She Sleeps

by Penelope Liksit

A few sleeping pills to make sure my wife is out like a light, mobile phone recording, all that's needed now is our German Shepherd Buster to do the nasty with his big red rocket.


I pulled back the bedsheets to reveal my wife Lisa’s naked body, those luscious tits and that smooth pussy gleaming in the moonlight. She was out like a light and didn’t react at all-that was because I had slipped a few sleeping pills into her wine during dinner.
My reason for wanting to see my wife so fast asleep an earthquake wouldn’t wake her up? I was sick of all the shit she had been giving me lately, and now I was going to get my own back by having our German Shepherd Buster fuck her while she slept.
Pretty extreme I know, but hey, a man has his limits, and my head was ready to explode with all her non-stop bitching. I had the mobile phone by the bedside recording. I was going to take a huge amount of pleasure in showing her the footage afterword.
I was naked and my cock was twitching. If I was being honest with myself, the idea of Buster fucking Lisa was about more than just payback.
“Here boy!”


Buster came bounding through into the bedroom, panting heavily, dripping his slobber onto our nice clean carpet. Normally I would have told him off and called him a filthy dog. But tonight he was free to get as filthy as he liked.
“Get her boy!” I pointed to my wife.


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The queen of ultrasmut will take care of all those taboo needs of yours, whether they be incest, bestiality, dub-con or non-con. Expect it rough, nasty and as perverse as it gets.

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