Buckets of Cum 70-Pack

by Jade Summers

70 slippery and wet stories of women who get covered in gobs of goo, jet streams of juices, and are flooded with the fluids from their daddies, brothers, random strangers, gorillas, dogs, and other animals! Gang bang, gang rape, all holes filled, double penetration, spit roast, deep throat, forced anal, mind control, drugged sex, hypnosis, bukkake, breeding, birthing, pregnancy, lactation, and sleep sex are all themes in this collection.

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This bundle includes everything in Buckets of Cum 10-Packs Vols 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, as well as the 20-Pack, 30-Pack, 40-Pack, 50-Pack, & 60-Pack. The stories in this bundle do appear in other collections, so check out the descriptions and samples for a list of all stories.

The 70 juicy stories in this bundle include:

1. Hypnotizing My Sister to Fuck Me and My Dog
2. Gang Raped by My Dad and His Poker Buddies
3. Licking Daddy's Cum off My Sister
4. Cream Party with Daddy
5. Daddy's Li'l Cum Dump
6. Gang Raped by the Fraternity
7. Gang Raped at the Family Reunion
8. Gang Raped in Prison
9. Gang Raped in a Trailer Park
10. Stripped and Milked at the Zoo
11. Drinking from My Virgin Daughter's Tits
12. Jizzing on My Virgin Sister's Face
13. Caught! With Dog Cock in My Mouth
14. Obeying Her Master
15. Family Sandwich
16. Daddy Gave Me To His Friends for Xmas
17. Seduced by the Bitch
18. Giving My Brother a Baby
19. Cum Play with Me Daddy
20. Caught! Covered in Dog Cum
21. Forced to Breed
22. Used by My Brothers
23. Ass Raped by My Dad and His Friends
24. Cum Dump for the Congregation
25. My Brother Gave Me Cummy Panties for Christmas
26. Teaching My Dog to Suck My Cock
27. My Brother Used My Pregnant Body
28. Milked in Public
29. Puppy Love: 2 for 1
30. Preggo Cum Dump
31. I Can't Stop Cumming on My Daughter's Feet
32. Truck Stop Gang Rape
33. Gang Raped by the Highway Patrol
34. Gang Raped in a Jail Cell
35. Gang Raped at a Party
36. Sucking My Brother's Cum Out of My Twin Sister's Ass
37. Cumming in My Sister's Asshole 20 Times
38. Using My Sister's Asshole While She Sleeps
39. Fucking My Sister’s Big Tits While She Plays on Her Phone
40. Rape Ape
41. Safari Gang Rape
42. Drugged Foot Fuck
43. Cumming on My Sister’s Ass and Feet
44. Family Gangbang on Thanksgiving
45. Black Friday Gang Rape
46. Cyber Monday Gang Rape
47. Gang Raped by Store Santas
48. Fucked by My Boss's Dogs at the Company Christmas Party
49. Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister to Be My Slut
50. Family Cum Dump
51. Covering My Sleeping Sister's Ass with My Cum
52. Hypnotized to Masturbate at the Christmas Party
53. Fucking My Sister’s Feet While She Does Homework
54. Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison
55. Fucking My Daughter’s Big Tits During the Lockdown
56. My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and the Government Won’t Let Me Get an Abortion
57. All Holes Filled and Impregnated By a Pack of Wild Dogs
58. Punished by Daddy with a Giant Butt Plug
59. Impossible but True! My Own Dog Got Me Pregnant
60. Swapping Sex Fluids with My Dog
61. Hypno Halloween Family Orgy
62. Puppy Love: My Dog Got Me Pregnant on Halloween
63. Gang Raped Under the Tree at the Christmas Party
64. Impossible but True! I'm Giving Birth to Hedgehogs
65. My Daddy Sold Me to Strangers, Got Me Pregnant, and Ruined My Body
66. Punished by My Cop Dad
67. I Woke Up in a Dumpster in Nothing but My Panties
68. Gang Raped by Cops While a Crowd Watched
69. Siberian Prison Sex Slave
70. My Family Decorated My Milky Tits on Christmas

From Preggo Cum Dump:

The man took out a knife and I gasped. I was terrified that he was going to cut me, but he didn’t. He just used the knife to cut off my clothes, then used strips of my own clothing to gag me. He stuck my cut up panties in my mouth first, then wrapped another strip of cloth around that to secure it. I had to try to calm myself down because it was getting hard to breathe through just my nose.

I struggled and squirmed and tried to get free, but there was nothing I could do. I was completely immobilized. My pussy was now exposed to the man, as well as my swollen, sore breasts and huge belly. Everything was sticking out and available for him to touch as he pleased.

And that’s exactly what he did. He ran his hands all over my body, gripping my swollen breasts and pinching the hard nipples, then lingering over my pregnant belly.

He took out his cock and stroked it while his other hand made circles around and around over the tight skin of my belly, and he stared at it like he couldn’t get enough. He had to be one of those guys, the ones who get turned on by pregnant women’s bellies. I couldn’t believe it. I’d been right, but I didn’t listen to my gut, and now I was this sick man’s prisoner.

Eventually the man moved his hands down to my pussy. I could feel him touching every inch—my folds and my holes—and I was mortified to realize I was wet. The man brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked the glistening liquid off. “Mmmm, pregnant pussy is so sweet,” he said with an evil grin.

From Milked in Public:

When I left the bar I was pretty trashed, and I stumbled my way past that construction site. I was sure all of those guys had gone home for the night, so I wasn’t too worried about seeing them. Unfortunately, I was wrong. That one guy was still there.

I suddenly saw the outline of his silhouette standing on the side walk right in front of me, blocking my way. He didn’t say anything to me at all. He just grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the construction site. I tried to get away but he was so much stronger than me that even when I punched him and hit him it was completely futile.

He tied me up with my arms stretched way up over my head, and my ankles spread far apart, then he ripped the front of my shirt open.

“This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for,” he said as he gripped each of my huge breasts and his hands, lifting them and feeling the weight, then letting them drop down and jiggle. “I saw you and I knew you would be perfect.”

“What are you talking about?” I said, trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

“It’s just something I do,” he said, staring at me in the eyes, “with my mind.”

“You’re crazy!” I yelled.

“Maybe, but I always manage to get exactly what I want,” he said, squeezing my tits and watching with wide eyes as two streams of milk shot up into the air.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Milk was actually coming out of my tits. I wasn’t pregnant so there was no way I could possibly be lactating.

“But you are,” he said with a smile, as if he were reading my mind.

From I Can’t Stop Cumming on My Daughter’s Feet:

I planned on playing the hypnosis track during dinner, then, when we were both curled up and cozy on the couch watching TV, I would test it out.

It was about halfway through our meal that I noticed changes in Brittany. She seemed kind of spacey and a little giggly and I asked her what was going on.

“Oh nothing,” she said, giggling again. “I just feel really good.”

“Good?” I asked. “How?”

“I don’t know.” Britney giggled and shrugged. “My body feels all tingly.” She looked down at the front of her shirt, which drew my attention to her breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and were poking through the thin fabric of her white bra and T-shirt. Without looking up at me or saying a word, she ran her fingers across one of her nipples.

“Does that feel good?” I asked, feeling my cock grow hard in my pants as I watched my daughter play with her tits.

Britney looked up at me and her face turned bright pink. “It does. It feels really good,” she said with a big smile.

“Why don’t we go sit on the couch? I have an idea for something that I think would make you feel even better.”

From Truck Stop Gang Rape:

"Did you hear that?" Charlie said as he yanked my head up by the hair. "Any minute this place is gonna be crawling. And you know who they're all coming to see? They’re coming to see that pretty little mouth of yours,” he said as he circled my lips with his dirty finger. “And they’re coming to see that pretty little pussy of yours. And they’re coming to see that tight, pink asshole. In fact, I can’t wait to slip my cock in there, myself. I bet it’s real fucking tight in there,” he said. I could smell his breath and see his yellow teeth as my head bobbed closer to him with each thrust from behind me. “But first I’m gonna fill your mouth right up with this.” He unzipped his pants and a big, fat cock popped out.

"I just want to make sure we have an understanding," he said as he circled my lips with the head of his cock, rubbing his musky pre-cum around in a slick circle. "I feel any teeth … and I mean any teeth … you're dead. You understand me?" He asked.

I nodded my head frantically and he pushed the thick head in between my lips. I almost gagged with his first thrust. I wasn't expecting him to be so big and go in so deep. The head was so thick I was straining to get my mouth around it, and I swear to God just the head filled my entire mouth.

From Drugged Foot Fuck:

But I don’t want to scare her. I made that mistake once with her mother, and she’s never let me forget it. So I’ve started slipping a couple pills into my daughters food in the evening. Nothing too strong, just a light sedative that helps her fall asleep, and make sure she stays that way.

The first time I went into her room at night I just sat on the bed next to her while she slept. I pulled the covers back, of course, and eased up Brenda’s shirt so that her bare breasts were lit up by the moonlight that streamed in through the window. I even touched her nipples and gave each of her tits a good squeeze.

But I got spooked when Brenda mumbled something and rolled on her side. The last thing I needed was for her to be startled awake and catch me there. Not before she was ready to accept her new life. So I left her room, making plans to give her a higher dose of her medication the next night.

Another night went by when I didn’t really do too much. I was taking things slow, as much for myself as I was for Brenda. Like I told you, I’m not a bad man. I’m not gonna stick my cock in my daughter’s pussy, not right away, anyway. I’m gonna take my time and wait until we’re both ready for that step.

It was nice, exploring my daughter’s body with all the freedom and time that the sedatives gave me. I removed Brenda’s clothing, her see-through tank top and flimsy g-string panties, then spread her legs wide so I could examine every inch of her.

From Family Gangbang on Thanksgiving:

I never in a million years imagined being naked in front of my dad or my brothers, but here I was laying on the Thanksgiving table with no clothes on and my legs spread. It was so embarrassing.

I felt my face getting hot again at the thought of my three brothers looking at me like this, but then I realized they weren’t just looking. They were all touching me—fondling my breasts and ass and the rest of my body.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that your untouched, sweetie,” my daddy said as he played with my pussy. “Because I don’t want any filthy little sluts around this house anymore. Your mother was a filthy slut, and Ginger was a filthy slut, and I’ve just about had it with women not keeping their promises. So I decided to do things my way this time.

“You said you wanted to stay here, to live here with us, and take care of me and the boys. Well, your wish has been granted. You’re going to be my new wife, and you’re going to take care of all of us. You’re going to cook and clean, but are also going to satisfy all of our needs. And what your daddy needs right now is to fill up that tight little pussy of yours with his cock. This hole belongs to me now, Jordan. The boys have my permission fuck you anywhere else, any time they want, but this,” my daddy said as he pushed the head of his cock into my virgin entrance, “is mine.”

From Black Friday Gang Rape:

I still had a grip on the laminated tag, but I knew this man was way stronger than I was and that I wouldn’t be able to hold onto it much longer. So, I kicked backward, hitting his shin with my heel multiple times.

“Oh, you wanna play rough, do you?” he said into my ear. “I can play that game, no problem.”

The man swept one of his legs in front of both of mine and I felt the ground fall out from underneath me. Luckily I landed on my arm and my hip, but it still hurt like hell. “What the fuck are you doing?” I screamed, trying to turn onto my back to kick the guy off of me. But he pushed me down so my face was on the floor and he put the weight of his body on my back and my legs.

“You’re a rude little bitch, and I’m gonna teach you some respect.” The man still had a handful of my hair gripped in his fist and he held me down with it while he yanked up my skirt from behind.

“What the fuck!” I screamed. “Somebody help me! Get this guy off of me!”

I couldn’t see anything other than the wall of TVs where my head was facing, but I knew there had to be lots of people around. There were so many people in line outside. I couldn’t believe no one was doing anything to stop this insane man.

I felt the man’s hands under my skirt again as he tore my panties off, then suddenly something was shoved into my mouth. Now, no matter what I yelled or screamed, all that came out was a soft muffled noise.

From Family Cum Dump:

I couldn’t believe it had happened so fast. It was less than thirty seconds since my daughter opened up her present, and she was already under a deep hypnotic trance. The necklace was well worth the money I spent, especially if it was going to keep her in this hypnotic trance permanently. And that was exactly what I had planned.

“Gwen? Aren’t you a little warm?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m warm.”

“Then why don’t you take off your clothes? I’ll hold your necklace for you.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

I took the dangling jewel out of my daughter’s hand and she immediately started to remove her clothes, but she didn’t stop staring at the necklace. She kept her eyes fixated on the shimmers and sparkles like she had tunnel vision and it was the only thing she could see.

Within seconds my daughter was completely naked, standing in the center of a group of her male relatives, who were all hungry for one thing, her young, virgin body. Cousins, uncles, and brothers, all stood around, gawking at my daughter’s perfect ass and perky tits, and immediately started undoing their pants.

From Covering My Sleeping Sister’s Ass with My Cum:

Mark brought the pills and we crushed them up, then, when Darcy wasn’t looking, we slipped them into her evening smoothie. I hadn’t even planned it out, everything just came together right at the last second. She even came out into the TV room and sat on the couch with us for a while before staggering into her room and passing out.

I waited about fifteen minutes, then snuck in there and tried to wake her up. I figured if she woke up I’d pretend I couldn’t find a movie that we wanted to watch. I shook her shoulders and said her name a couple times, then shook her even harder, and she never even flinched. Then I went upstairs and let the other guys in through the back door and snuck them down into the basement.

“Holy shit,” Jeff said. “I cannot fucking believe we’re doing this.”

“Me either,” I said, my voice shaking a little bit. “I just don’t want to get caught, so you guys gotta be really chill about this. If she starts to wake up, or if we hear anything, just stop what you’re doing and fucking hide.”

“Yeah, sure,” all the guys agreed.

We all silently crept into my sister’s bedroom and stood around her bed and I pulled the covers back, revealing her perfect ass covered in a pair of panties. Immediately my cock was rock hard, and when I looked around at the other guys I saw them all starting to unzip their pants.

I nudged my sister one more time to make sure she was still asleep, then I slowly peeled her panties off of her ass. I thought about taking them all the way off, but I figured it would be hard to get them back on, especially if she woke up in the middle of everything, so I left them bunched up around her thighs just under her ass cheeks.

From Keeping My Daughters in a Sex Prison:

So, with a long line of men with cash in hand waiting in the living room, I descended down into the basement with the winners as a few other guys I’d hired to help out.

I hadn’t expected to be so gratified just by the looks of terror on all of their faces when my wife and daughters realized what was about to happen to them, but it was awesome. Four princesses who had been torn from their thrones and were now ready to start their lives as sex slaves.

I had multiple cameras set up around the basement because I also planned on making money live streaming the entire thing, and, for this first event I had three men holding cameras on each of my three virgin daughters. I wanted to get tight, close up shots of their faces and their pussies as they were being stretched open and invaded. And I wanted it done right because I knew I’d be watching these videos many, many times.

I let the first two winners put my other daughters in whatever position they wanted, but my youngest I wanted facing me when my cock went in. I wanted to watch her face as her daddy entered her and took her innocence away.

From My Daddy Got Me Pregnant and the Government Won’t Let Me Get an Abortion:

“Pull your pants down.”

I didn’t make a move. I didn’t want to do anything that he told me to, especially not this.

“I said, pull your pants down. If you don’t you’re going to get the beating of your life.”

I could hear him unbuckling his belt, and I knew he was serious. He’d done that sort of thing before, and when he was drunk he was even scarier and less in control.

I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my yoga pants and eased the waistband down so that it was below my ass. I heard more noises behind me, my dad unzipping his pants and breathing heavy. Then I heard him moan.

“That’s right, Becky. That’s perfect.” I heard him moving around behind me, and I was sure he was stroking his cock. “Now reach back and spread your cheeks wide for me. You’ll do that for Daddy, won’t you?”

I didn’t want to do it, but I also didn’t want to get hit with his belt. So I reached both hands behind me and gripped my ass cheeks, then pulled them apart.

“Oh yeah, Becky, now lean forward a little.”

I did what he said and felt the cool air rushing in between my legs. I’d never shown this part of myself to anyone before. I’d never even seen my pussy myself. And here was my dad, looking at my pussy and asshole, and jerking off, and there was nothing I could do about it.

“Stand up, Becky, And take your clothes off. I want to see your whole body.” I hesitated for a moment, which seemed to make him mad. “Now!” He barked.

From Impossible but True! My Own Dog Got Me Pregnant:

The first time I touched Grover’s cock was when he was lying on his back. All four of his legs were relaxed down and spread wide and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. He kept glancing at me, clearly waiting for me to make a move. I stared at his stiff cock as it stuck straight up in the air for a long time, then finally just did it. I reached my fingers out and touched the tip.

Immediately Grover started to whimper, but he stayed right where he was. I figured what I was doing must have felt really good, so I kept going. I just used my fingers at first, rubbing them up and down the shaft gently, then moving them in small circles around the head. Lots of pre-cum had already oozed out, so his cock was really slippery and my fingers glided over his sensitive head.

After a couple minutes I got my whole hand involved. I gripped his cock and moved my hand up and down, slowly at first, but then I picked up speed. I had no idea what to expect, and I don’t think Grover did either. We were both completely inexperienced with this sort of thing. I’d been with guys before, human ones, so I knew what to do with a cock. But like I said, I’d never even considered touching a dog cock before in my life.

From Hypno Halloween Family Orgy:

“Like I said, it’s your costume.”

“But there’s hardly anything …” I stopped talking right in the middle of my sentence and just stared at the fabric that was dangling limply from my fingers. I didn’t understand how it could possibly be a costume. There was hardly anything to it. It was like small pieces of ribbon that were barely attached to each other. But for some reason I felt compelled to put it on. Without saying a word I stood up and started to walk toward my bedroom, but my dad stopped me.

“Go ahead and put it on here.”

“Here?” I asked, looking around the room at my uncle and cousins, who were all staring at me.

“Yes,” my uncle said. “Change your clothes right here, Jessica.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. I didn’t understand what was going on, or why they were asking this of me. Why there were all staring at me. But as much as my mind was protesting, telling me that I shouldn’t take my clothes off in front of any of the men in my family, I couldn’t stop myself.

From Gang Raped Under the Tree at the Christmas Party:

I looked over at him. My head was swimming and I was having a hard time focusing on anything. “I think I need to sit down.”

JC disappeared for a second, then I felt his arms around my waist, lowering me down to the floor.” Here you go. Best seat in the house.”

When I finally dropped down on my ass I realized he had brought a big beanbag chair over to where we were standing. Now we were both sitting under the Christmas tree. The lights were so beautiful and dazzling, and I felt like I could just sit there and stare at them for hours. I was so dazed and hypnotized by the lights that I had no idea what JC was doing.

“Just relax,” he said, his deep voice melting into me. I could feel him touching me, but it was such a distant sensation. When I finally turned my head and looked at him, he had my legs spread and was crouched down in between them. My skirt was pushed up over my hips and JC’s fingers were running up and down my slit through my leggings.

I heard a ripping sound, then felt cool air rush up against the sensitive skin of my pussy lips.

From My Daddy Sold Me to Strangers, Got Me Pregnant, and Ruined My Body:

I heard my daddy’s voice, but I knew he wasn’t in the room. I looked around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. It had to be some kind of hidden loudspeaker.

“Lay back on the bed, Amber. I have some instructions for you. This first time it’s gonna be real easy and simple.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re here to entertain our paying customers, and they have requests. I’m going to give you instructions, and you’ll do exactly as I say. Do you understand me?”

“I thought you said I’d be training! I thought that’s what all this was for!”

“This is your training, Amber. It’s a special kind, so you and I can become close. As close as a daddy and daughter can be.”

“I don’t want to do this. I don’t care about the Olympics anymore. I just want to come upstairs.”

“It’s too late for that. They’ve already paid. They deserve to get there money’s worth. Now I want you to take off your clothes … slowly.”

“No! I don’t want to! I won’t do it!”

“Yes, you will. Either you do it this way, or I’ll come down there. But if I come down there I’m going be very angry, and I’m going to have to punish you.”

From My Family Decorated My Milky Tits on Christmas:

“We came to get you,” my brother said. “Dad said we’re all going to open presents together. He said he has a special one, just for you.”

I put my hands up on my breasts in a feeble attempt to cover them up. “I need to get dressed. Get out of here.”

“No, you don’t,” Jason said as he stared into my eyes. “You don’t need to put any clothes on, Amy. Not until I tell you to.”

“What are you talking about?” I wanted to sound angry, but my voice was shaking, and it sounded really small.

“You haven’t figured it out?” Jason asked, then looked at my brother and laughed. “Maybe all her brains went into her tits.”

Brad laughed too, and that made me feel bad, but it also triggered something inside me.

“Wait, what did you do?” I asked, still trying to cover up my enormous breasts.

“What do you think? I used the hypnosis track on you.”

“You didn’t! Jason, you didn’t!” I looked at my brother. “Brad, you let him do that to me?! How could you?”

My brother just shrugged. “What can I say? I like big tits.”

“Big, milky tits,” Jason said with a huge grin.

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