Brother Sister 6: Fucked My Sister In The Shower While Invisible

by Amber FoxxFire

God, I couldn't believe this was even real! I'd stumbled upon what the dealer who sold it to me called "An Invisibility Potion."

My sister, Patty, had just moved back in after a failed marriage and at 22, she was as stunning as they come.

With dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes to match and a killer smile, Patty's beauty was unmatched.

Her skin was so smooth, her hands were so soft and she had this sweet, yet sexy innocence about her.

I had no idea how the potion would actually work, but with a few drinks under my belt, I'd gone home with a determination to use it to bag my sexy sister once and for all.

Now, the next morning, I was getting ready for work when I heard her walk past my room and head into the bathroom.

Now was the time!

My heart skipped a beat as I knocked back the bitter-tasting liquid, then waited for something, anything to happen.

I was about to give up and think the whole thing a total rip-off, when all of a sudden, I noticed my feet disappear!

A sudden rush of excitement came over me as I watched myself slowly, but steadily, completely disappear, and now - naked and rock hard - I made my way over to the bathroom and slipped inside.

Patty was standing at the sink wearing a thin, white dressing gown. I could see the curves of her tits so perfectly as she started to undo the gown and reveal her perfect 34Bs.

I couldn't believe my eyes! Holy fucking fuck! This shit was worth its weight in gold!

She was so stunning, so gorgeous, I was transfixed.

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