Brother Sister 5-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

It was meant for my college crush, but somehow my younger, 18-year-old sister, Beth, got a hold of it.

I'd been hankering to wet my noodle for awhile now, I just never thought it would be with my sister.

Beth was a stunner, I had to admit. With her long, fiery-red hair, crystal-blue eyes, and a killer body, she was the envy of every girl in the city.

Stories Included:

- Brother Sister 1: Fucking My Sister As She Sunbathed Nude
- Brother Sister 2: My Innocent Sister Drank My Love Potion
- Brother Sister 3: I Tickled My Sister Until She Let Me Fuck Her
- Brother Sister 4: I Got My Sister Pregnant
- Brother Sister 5: Snuck Into My Sister's College Dorm Locker Room & Fucked Her

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